Blogging for Newbies: 5 Tactics to Market Your Blog in 2021


In this blog, the latest marketing tactics are discussed for the bloggers in 2021 to increase the online presence, and visitors count on your blog.


Blogging is a great platform to share your opinion, expertise, and life with the billion population on the internet. You are working in a dead-end desk job with a fixed schedule inside the same building. However, comfort and flexibility are the primary reasons for serious competition to attract the audience to your blog.

Hard work and patience are the keys to success in any industry. Blogging requires the right strategy with smart work to achieve better results in the same time frame. You need to make the blog visible to a broad audience, and the right strategy is not the same for everyone.

Should I Increase the Budget to Market My Blog in 2021?

You may think of the paid ad campaign to target the audience more effectively. They are indeed helpful to increase the visibility of your blog to get the desired outcome. However, you should avoid them if the organic marketing efforts are showing consistent growth.

The ad campaign’s cost on social media is manageable for a blogger with a few thousand hits. It will not hurt to diversify the efforts to increase the online presence of your brand. You can take financial support from direct lenders with unsecured personal loans to cover the cost of the paid marketing campaigns.

Effective Tactics to Market Your Blog in 2021

The paid campaigns will only provide short-term gains to your blog. You need effective tactics to get a long list of loyal followers to become a successful blogger. Try the following tips to market your blog without relying on the ads for visitors –

  1. Publish Content on Multiple Platforms

You need to increase the visibility and presence of your blog online. Thus, it is critical for its success to use multiple platforms to publish your content. You can re-share the same content multiple times to make sure the blog is visible to a large enough audience.

Not only the traffic, platforms like LinkedIn also help increase your SEO performance. You should also learn the optimisation technique for your posts on these platforms to receive more views. You will also gain followers on individual platforms to build a community and interact with your audience.

  • Network

Bloggers are part of an industry based on the niche they decide to write. You will find numerous other bloggers trying to make a living from the same or somehow related industry. It is important to make allies in the industry for various benefits from their work.

You can ask them to share your blog after sharing their content on your website. Many bloggers will use your content if it has the required information with an attractive display. You will also generate quality backlinks to boost your search engine ratings.

  • Invest Time in Guest Posts

Guest posts are still extremely popular for bloggers and businesses to attract an audience to their site. They increase your presence in the online community as a subject-matter expert. However, you should only use the popular platform to get your content published.

The backlinks from popular platforms are more valuable than the mentions on some sites known to sell links. These unpopular sites will not help the purpose of establishing your name as an influencer in the industry. Moreover, Google penalises the sites that overdo the guest posting activity for the sole purpose of receiving more links.

Some common beliefs in the industry are not effective as people make them sound. You don’t have to find a new site to get your content to publish if the site is popular. Also, do not stick with the niche if some major website asks for content from different niches.

  • Optimise Blogs for Google

Google is the only search engine that people target because of its immeasurable popularity. It controls over 92% of the market share to outmatch the competitors by a huge margin. Therefore, you should put some effort into optimising the blogs for Google.

Search engines require on-page and off-page optimisation to get the desired ranking on the result page. You can learn about the different factors and techniques to achieve a higher ranking through online courses. While the internet is a great place to learn for free, you can get a certificate for a paid course with financial support from bad credit loans with no guarantor.

Search engine optimisation is an important skill to learn if you want to achieve success as a blogger. Google constantly updates its algorithm to prevent the black hat practices to overtake the genuine content. Therefore, you should keep yourself updated about the updates in the Google algorithm to avoid outdated strategies.

  • Use Popular Forums

Success is a long journey for bloggers with many roadblocks and plateaus. You may require help from seasoned writers for some tips to create more effective strategies or overcome a hurdle. The online community is indeed very helpful with many popular forums on the internet.

Even you should interact with the community on these forums to establish yourself as an expert in the industry. You can promote your blog with the information to the queries and doubts of fellow members of the community. It is a great platform to interact and network to build an online reputation.


To sum up, you should avoid the footsteps of successful bloggers as their journey was entirely different. The audience, algorithms, and requirements have changed along with the competition. You should focus on the latest trends to increase the number of visitors in the competitive environment.

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