Bimatoprost for Controlling the Progression of Glaucoma


Glaucoma is a complicated neurodegenerative disease that affects millions of people globally every year. Now, what is glaucoma? It is a condition where the optic nerve gets damaged, impairing the vision. Now, the sole modifiable risk factor in the therapy of glaucoma is intraocular pressure lowering.

The structure of the eye is supported by normal intraocular pressure, which in turn strengthens the 2 million parts of the eye that enable you to see. When the fluid in the front of your eye doesn’t drain properly or your eye produces too much fluid, the pressure in your eye can become too high. This is known as ocular hypertension which leads to glaucoma and further blindness. Glaucoma cannot produce pain, and it might go unnoticed for years without causing vision abnormalities. As a result, keeping a regular check on your eye pressure can help you diagnose it early.

The measurement of eye pressure is in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). The normal range for ocular pressure is 10-21 mm Hg. Ocular hypertension is defined as a pressure in the eye that is greater than 21 mm Hg.


Anyone can be affected by ocular hypertension but certain pre-existing conditions may increase the risk of being affected

·       A family history of glaucoma or ocular hypertension can increase your risk largely.

·       Sometimes with aging the risk of ocular hypertension may develop.

·       It may arise in people with high Myopia.

·       Some people’s ocular pressure is raised as a result of side effects from certain drugs.

·       Even years after an eye injury, your intraocular pressure can be affected.

·       Ocular hypertension is more likely to develop in individuals with thin cornea.


It is critical to get frequent eye health exams if you have been diagnosed with ocular hypertension. These routine examinations can be done at the hospital or by a neighbourhood optometrist.

The three most common tests to check Ocular Hypertension includes:

·       Ophthalmoscopy

·       Tonometry

·       Perimetry or visual field test

Although not everyone with ocular hypertension requires therapy, if the risk of developing glaucoma is considerable (for example, if the eye pressure is very high) say, an intraocular pressure of 24mmHG or higher then doctor may recommend it. If this is the case, eye drops to decrease the pressure within the eye is the most common treatment.

Eye drops like latanoprost, tafluprost, travoprost, or bimatoprost (a synthetic prostamide) is indicated as first-line treatment for high ocular pressure. The amount of intraocular pressure, central corneal thickness measurement, family history, and life expectancy should all be considered when determining a patient’s risk of future vision impairment. Patients who are not at risk of losing their vision in their lifetime do not need therapy, but they should be evaluated on a regular basis.

Bimatoprost is one of the most important and widely used medications for controlling ocular pressure and hence reducing the chances of Glaucoma.

When there is too much fluid inside the eye, it might produce high pressure. Bimatoprost helps with fluid drainage. If untreated, high blood pressure can damage the optic nerve, causing vision loss or blindness. The prostaglandin analogues class of medicines includes bimatoprost. By enabling natural ocular fluids to flow more easily out of the eye, it lowers eye pressure.

This medication can also be used to treat persons who have too few or no eyelashes. Bimatoprost promotes the growth of longer, thicker, darker, and denser eyelashes.

If purchased from a local pharmacy, bimatoprost is only available with a prescription; however, individuals can buy bimatoprost online without a prescription.

There are some side effects to this medicine like it may lead to discoloration of eyes and may cause hair growth in the areas where it is applied or touched regularly. Hence it should be applied carefully and it should be avoided getting this eyelash treatment in the eyes if you have been prescribed bimatoprost for glaucoma. If you get too much bimatoprost in your eyes, it may be less effective in treating glaucoma.

If you’re looking to buy bimatoprost online, you’ve come to the right place.

You must first decide if you want the branded or generic version, which has the same benefits but costs half as much.

The drug bimatoprost is sold under the trade name Latisse and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat inadequate eyelashes (hypotrichosis).

Lumigan is the original brand name for bimatoprost, a prescription eye drop used to treat glaucoma. Lumigan caused unwanted eyelash growth, leading to the development and marketing of Latisse.

Generic choices such as Careprost and Bimat from reputable Indian producers such as Sun Pharma and Ajanta Pharma are among the most popular Bimatoprost options. Users may purchase careprost and bimat from reputable online retailers such as Skinorac, where you can obtain bimatoprost online at a very low price with guaranteed quality

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