Best Solution to Divide Large PST into Small Files

divide large PST into small files

Today we are going to discuss about large PST files and how you can divide large PST files into small files. Most Outlook users are familiar with the Outlook file format but still, they don’t know the proper way to split large PST in small files. 

Here we are going to provide two methods one will be a manual way and the second method is going to be a professional method to divide large PST into small files. In the professional technique, you will see the PST Splitter Application designed by MSOutlookTools.

Why Users Need to Divide Large PST into Small Files

In this section of this article, we are going to show you the importance of free space and small PST files. Normally when PST files get large it crashes the application and slows it down due to various reasons here you will learn about them.

  • Outlook tends to work better with multiple smaller PST files rather than one large one. Managing a large number of emails, contacts, and other data within a single PST file can lead to slow searching, sorting, and other performance issues.
  • Smaller PST files can help users better organize their data. They can create separate PST files for different projects, clients, or categories, which makes it easier to manage and locate specific information.
  • Smaller PST files can help mitigate the risk of data loss. If one large PST file becomes corrupted, it could result in the loss of a substantial amount of data. With smaller files, the impact of corruption is limited to the individual file.
  • In some cases, organizations or individuals have legal or compliance requirements to archive emails for a certain period. Dividing emails into smaller PST files allows for easier management and archiving of older data.
  • Users may want to retain some data while deleting or archiving others. Smaller PST files enable more granular control over which data to keep, archive, or delete.

The next paragraph is show and thought the manual method to divide large PST files into small files. We will guide you and show you step-by-step procedures so you can easily fix your PST file problem.

How to Break PST into Smaller Files Manually?

Normally Outlook have in-built features to export PST files and it works sometimes but not with large PST file. Later it will be explained. First, let us guide you on how you can split large PST file in small files.

Manual Steps to Split Large PST File

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook.
  • Go to File and Open & Export then choose Import/Export.
  • Select Export to PST file and Hit the Next button.
  • Select the Data File and click on the Next.
  • Select the PST folder you want to split & hit Next.
  • Browse and select the location to save the small PST file.

The manual procedure looks simple to perform but it’s not and it does not guarantee that the method will divide large PST into small files. you can lose your important data or emails. And these methods have a lot limitations.

Limitations of the Manual Method

  • If the PST file is already corrupted, manual splitting may exacerbate the issue or make it difficult to recover the data. Professional PST repair tools may be needed to fix corruption before splitting.
  • When manually splitting a PST file into smaller parts, it can be hard to control the size of each PST file. This can be a big problem if you have a specific size need for each new PST file.
  • Large email attachments can complicate the manual process, as you may need to decide how to handle them. This can be time-consuming and you might need manual extraction of attachments.
  • If you need to access the split PST files from different devices or locations, manual splitting might not be the most convenient option.
  • The manual method may work for small to sized PST files, but it becomes less practical for very large files. In such cases, automated tools or services are more efficient.

As you can see there are many limitations in the manual method. It’s just the small part of a big problem. you will find many more complications. If you are looking for a safe option we have the perfect application for you.

Automated Method to Divide Large PST Files into Small Files

Let us share some useful information about an application that can help you split large PST into small files, you can perform other tasks. This application can be used in various ways, which will be explained later. But first, let me guide you on how to easily split large PST files in small files.

Automated Steps to Break PST Files

  • Install the program from its official website
  • Add your files in the application or use the auto search program to find the PST file from a specific drive
  • Choose the file size according to your need 
  • After that provide the location you want to save your smaller PST files 

NOTE: in this provided method there are many options and modes when you use this application you will face those options where you get multiple sorting modes, saving options, export selected options and many more.

This application is the best option for you. With it, you can perform many tasks with ease and you will get many benefits. Below you will learn about them briefly. but that application has a lot major and minor beneficial features.

Benefits of Professional Application?

Professional applications are always servers best features a user can get but the applications mentioned at the top have many jaw-dropping features. In this section you will learn about them so let’s move on to that.

  • you can easily divide your PST files based on size, folder, date, year, email ID, and category this application can help you split your PST files accurately.
  • You can easily split PST files up to 1 TB and more without any limitation of size and number.
  • This application maintains the hierarchy and the file structure before or after the file splitting.
  • you can use the PST Converter application to convert your PST files into multiple formats to manage them more efficiently.
  •  The application supports Microsoft Outlook 2003 and earlier editions.

Note: if you want to find PST files from a domain network or manage all the data as an admin you can try PST Finder Software.

Final Words 

In this write-up, we have provided you with all the important information to divide large PST files into small files and their problems. Now you can easily break PST files into smaller files with ease and at high speed if you want to know more about the application.

You can visit the website to learn about it in more detail and you can try the demo version of this application. In the demo version, you will get the first split of a few files with a limited number of functions.

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