Best Places To Visit in Rhodes


Is travelling on your mind? And cannot find the right guide? Worried about the costs of the expensive flights?

Moreover, are you wondering that what can be the best places to visit Rhodes? If you are unaware of the most exciting places here, this blog can prove to be quite helpful for you! 

The following travel suggestions will help you get the best tour tips to make the most of your stay!

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So let us proceed further and get the idea about the best tourist attractions in Rhodes so that you can make the best choices while visiting here!

Medieval City of Rhodes

Rhodes’ medieval city is the island’s most-watched attraction. It is the largest and the most preserved fortified city in Europe.

It consists of the pedestrian streets in the interiors of the walls. You can have a pleasant stroll and then have fun in the most attractive paved alleys as well as the historical monuments. In recent times, the medieval city of Rhodes is dedicated to tourism, and there you can explore many taverns, restaurants, and shops.


After a while, Rhodes’ you can visit the fortified walls to visit Mandraki, the modern city. It consists of three mills of Rhodes and also the most popular Colossus of Rhodes. It has the 30-meter-high statue of the sun-god Helios and is destroyed by the earthquake in 226 B.C.

It is replaced by two small statues representing a deer built on the two pillars at the port’s entry gate. A plus point is that it consists of a casino and many international clothing brands stores like Zara or H & M.

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If you love experiencing rural life, Rhodes is one of the most beautiful villages and is one of the best places that one can see on this island. It is the most picturesque place where you can observe the pretty tiny houses built on the hillside, and the Acropolis highlighting the village and the sea can be the primary source of attraction.

 Looking at such scenic beauty here, it is the primary source of tourist attraction here!

  • The ancient site of Kamiros

If you love historical moments, it can be the best place for you! Kamiros is one of the three historic cities which was founded by the Dorians. It is built based on three different levels.

The point of the hill where is the Temple of Athena as well as the Acropolis.

The middle level has the central part of the city where the inhabitants live.

On the lowermost point, you can also discover another temple and also the Doric fountain.

Here you can enjoy the most breath-taking view and also discover how huge the city is.

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The Valley of the Butterflies

The Valley of the Butterflies is located in the North of the island, which is just 26 km from the Rhodes central city.

It is present between the villages of Paradisi as well as Theologos. Present between June and the month of September, one can notice various butterflies covering all the trees around. Also, the valley’s climate and the environment are a spot worth experiencing!

It consists of the rare species of the plane tree ad; hence, it is the best place to explore for all nature lovers!

Thus, the above tourists’ spots can be the best tourist attractions one can explore! Also, you will get the combination of the branded markets, natural world, and the taste of the olden villages present over here!

What better treat you desire when you are looking for the tours and the trips.

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