North Carolina’s state capital, named after Sir Walter Raleigh, founded a short-lived English settlement here in the 1580s, was built from the beginning to be the capital city, just like Washington, D.C. It has been known as the “City of Oaks” since its establishment in 1792, and its rulers have been dedicated to preserving and protecting its gardens and plants ever since.

If that isn’t enough green space, the stunning Umstead State Park is just a few miles away, where you can walk or ride along wooded paths or hire a canoe or speedboat to enjoy the lake. Frontier Airlines Reservations will help you to view such places at a reasonable rate. 

This list of major destinations in Raleigh will assist you in choosing the finest of the region.

1. North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is one of the biggest natural science museums in the south-eastern United States, and it is located near downtown. It consists of two building structures, one dedicated to academic exhibitions and the other to scientific methodology.

The Arthropod Zoo, the Living Conservatory, and exhibitions that explore North Carolina’s coasts, mountain ranges, and local natural history are among the permanent installations at the Nature Exploration Centre, in addition to travelling exhibitions. Frontier Airlines Flight Booking must be made before your departure. 

2. North Carolina Museum of Art

The North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) first opened its doors in 1956 as its first collection of art. They have Renaissance art, ancient Greek and Roman sculpture and artifacts, Egyptian burial paintings, pre-Columbian paintings, and early American art.

The NCMA is also honoured to be one of only two American galleries with permanent Jewish art shows. The museum holds seminars, lectures, movies, and visual arts performances, as well as guided tours of its museums and special exhibits. Sculptures, parks, and a quiet reflection pool are all worth seeing on the gallery campus. If you are looking for Frontier Airlines tickets, you can go to their official Site or hire an agent for booking service. 

3. Pullen Park

This was North Carolina’s first city park, which built-in 1887. The 66 acres of the property have much more than a traditional city park. Pedal boats can be rented for a cruise around Lake Howell, and a kiddie boat trip is accessible for the younger mariners.

The large park, which includes water play for those hot summer days, will also appeal to children and the frequent performances in the children’s theatre.

The playground also features a café, tennis courts, an aquatic center, athletic fields, and the Theatre in the Park, as well as a variety of big year-round events. Further, if you have any doubt regarding their facilities, you must call their customer service representative or visit Frontier Airlines official Site.

4. Marbles Kids Museum

For families with small children, the Marbles Kids Museum must be high on their travel list. It features exhibitions such as Tree Tunes, which explores songs; Sun Sprouts, which explores the world of horticulture; Kid Grid, which is full of energy; and the BB&T Toddler’s Hollow, which allows children aged three and under to enjoy and explore in a safe environment.

Guardians can appreciate having the option of eating at the on-site café or taking their snacks for a picnic. Laminated Picture Items are available to lend so that the children can schedule their day.

5. North Carolina Museum of History

The North Carolina Museum of History has both fixed and rotating displays that cover the state’s history. Native American tools, early European settlers’ housewares, Revolutionary War period garments, and Revolutionary War arms and military gear are all on display.

From the earliest time of slavery to the arduous struggle for democracy and equality, African American history is featured as well. The North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame is also located here, where travellers can learn about local sports stars and view memorabilia.

6. Walking through Historic Oakwood

The old Oakwood neighbourhood, located near downtown Raleigh, is North Carolina’s oldest, intact 19th-century residential district and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Most of the town’s hundreds of 19th-century houses have been meticulously restored to their former splendour.

Take a walk past the Tucker House, a Neoclassical Revival-style mansion. Most of those houses have magnificent parks covering them, in addition to the architecture.

The Capital Area Visitor’s Centre has a roaming tourist guide with a map and details about the buildings and the neighborhood’s past. The Historic Oakwood website also has maps and much more extensive information AMAZING THINGS TO DO IN BURBANK THIS SUMMER