Best Career Options After BDS Other Than MDS

Career Options After BDS

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is one of the best degrees to achieve amongst the other degrees awarded in medicine. The degree in BDS enables every student to enter the field of medicine as a qualified dental surgeon. The course BDS is a specially designed course to aid the students in understanding the dental problems & to treat these problems in the best way possible. It is not very often that a person with a BDS degree, i.e., a dental surgeon, would think of leaving the field of surgery. After completing their graduation in dental surgery, most of the students plan to achieve a master’s degree in the same field.  There are many options in terms of colleges that offer the course for attaining the MDS degree.

The Master of Dental Surgery is a degree of specialization. Attaining the MDS degree will make sure that the student can achieve a high status in the field of Dental Surgery. The MDS College facilitates the MDS degree in the best possible ways. But the facilitation by the institutions is it private or government does not cease at MDS. These institutes act as the research centers for discovering many more possibilities in the field of medicine & surgery. This research becomes the initiation point for many more opportunities that a student with BDS can achieve.

Career Options to Explore after BDS other than MDS

  1. Biomedical Engineering – As a graduate in the field of dental surgery, a student learns the aspects of equipment required in dental surgery. Many students can utilize this understanding of equipment requirements to modify the required equipment. These modifications will be very helpful & might be revolutionary in the surgical field. The need for ease of performing dental surgeries is well understood by the BDS Graduates & thus, this can be a field of achievement for them.
  • Hospital & Healthcare Management Field– The fulfillment of the requirements & the management of the resources can only be achieved by someone who has an insight into the procedure of surgeries. The person who can evaluate the requirements for a dental hospital & can efficiently utilize the resources is called to be a Hospital Management professional. These professionals facilitate the hospitals & their resources & lead to the optimum usage of both.
  • Researcher– Since every field has a scope of modifications & explorations, research is one of the most sought-after career options for BDS Graduates. The field of research also requires the experience of highly qualified people & therefore, many BDS Graduates try to attain a higher qualification before entering the field of research. The higher qualification can be achieved in any of the fields but is mostly obtained as MDS. The MDS program/course is offered by the best MDS College – the DPU Dental College. To know more, visit the website.
  • Academics Field– Teaching is a noble profession & a BDS graduate can easily enter the academic field as a professor because of their high efficiency & knowledge.


The thought of becoming a doctor definitely comes in the mind of every student studying. If you also aspire to become a doctor, then the world of dentistry is best for you. In this article we are talking about Bachelor of Dental Surgery course. Most of the students feel that after doing BDS course, it will be necessary to do MDS course as well. But it is completely wrong to say this because even after doing BDS, you can get many types of jobs or run your own dental clinic.

The degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery is highly recognized in the healthcare field. This article will help me know the best career options after BDS other than MDS. The BDS degree is in itself a specialization. This is the reason that MDS College is highly in demand. To know more and enroll in the best college for MDS, visit the website.

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