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Best Baby Food Makers

While there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with purchasing jarred baby food, it’s hard to overlook the benefits of making your baby food. It’s also challenging to neglect how daunting this can appear. Cooking up batches of your baby food can seem like an aggravating, lengthy experience, but the fact is that the ideal gear can make a considerable distinction.

In the over-saturated market of baby fundamentals, it can be challenging to find the food maker that’s right for your family. We spent days testing out seven various popular models to assist you in choosing, pureeing up six different foods any growing baby would enjoy. While there were a lot of fantastic alternatives, a clear winner emerged in the Beaba Babycook 4-in-1. A space-saver, this one can steam and puree with ease.

Best Overall Beaba Babycook

The Beaba Babycook 4-in-1 is a compact all-in-one option that does steam and purees your food. It features a design that makes it effortless to utilize and was by far the quietest of the bunch when it concerned the blending part of the food processing. It steams in minutes. With a touch of a button, it develops velvety and smooth purees in under one minute. You’re able to quickly control the quantity of water that enters into making your purees, which is a great plus. You do not need to determine just how much time to use, either– only include the correct amount of water, press the steam button, and it figures it out for you and signals you when you finish it.

The Beaba is easy to clean, and many of the parts are dishwashing machine safe, although I will state that the biggest con for me is that you can’t see inside the water tank, which makes it pretty impossible to check if mold or germs is growing inside. You can cleanse this out with a white vinegar descaling way. However still: I would feel more comfortable if I could get a glimpse inside. I discovered the manual to be practical too unclear, although I could figure whatever out quite quickly with a close appearance. And while the steam basket isn’t rather as large as some other models, it makes a sufficient quantity of food. I likewise love the looks here: the Babycook gets provided in a few different colors, like a rose gold model with gold touches that look remarkably chic for a baby food mixer. All in all, it prepares excellent purees and does not compromise on design, so it was hard to beat.

Best Value NutriBullet Baby

New to the marketplace, the Nutribullet Baby is not an all-in-one food maker: it doesn’t steam your food. It purees merely it. That said, it’s still an excellent worth, thanks to all of the parts and pieces. It’s only a mixer. However, it likewise features a freezer tray with a cover, six storage cups, a brief cup, and a recipe book. The compact design makes for easy storage, does not use up a lot of counter space, and the additional containers are beneficial when it concerns putting away the food you just made.

Using it is very basic: you put the mixer bowl on the power base, press down, and mix. It’s reasonably simple to tidy and blends quickly. The purees from the Nutribullet weren’t bad, but they weren’t consistent: some were completely smooth, while others had some pieces of food in them, especially at the bottom under the blades due to the shape of the bowl. It holds a nice amount of food, the manual and recipe book were extremely valuable, and the containers made it simple to package whatever up.

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How We Tested

The Tester

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The Tests

Figured out to make my baby food for my child, I began checking out baby food makers during my 2nd trimester. Lots of pals mentioned that I could use a routine old steamer and blender. However, it seemed like my large Vitamix, although a genuinely excellent mixer, was too huge, and I desired something that would do everything at the same time– convenience matters when you’re a mom!

When I evaluated these out, I was excited to see the differences between a few of the most popular options out there. I checked the performance of each one by pureeing each type of fruit and vegetable for 30 seconds. I steamed and pureed apples, blueberries, and difficult butternut squash, then attempted out broccoli, chicken, and spinach. I utilized the exact amounts of each one for each food maker, and for the choices that weren’t all-in-one, I used a cleaner for cooking the food and softening.

What You Should Know About the Baby Food Makers

Do you require a baby food maker?

Many new parents question whether they truly need a baby food maker or not, and the response genuinely depends on your way of life. If you understand that you’ll be making most, if not all, of your baby’s food, then yes, the best baby food maker may be worth buying. If you understand that you will not be making the majority of their food, you might want to avoid this purchase and decide to utilize the blender or food processor you currently own instead.

The benefits of a baby food maker

There are a lot of advantages to utilizing a baby food maker. Making your baby food can conserve your cash in the long run. It can be a much healthier alternative than some jarred baby foods, enabling you to understand what remains in your baby’s food. Combining baby food makers that steam and blend your food makes cooking and cleansing simpler and more convenient than utilizing a separate mixer and cleaner.

What you search for when purchasing a baby food maker-

A baby food maker should make cooking baby food more practical, so try to find a simple machine that is easy to tidy, doesn’t feature complicated instructions, and does not use up excessive areas in your cooking area. You must also read evaluations and select the baby food maker who performs the most delicate task rapidly and easily puree even the most complex foods out there.

For how long you’ll utilize it: You’ll likely use a baby food maker when your baby is six months old and up until your baby is about 12-13 months old, at which point they’ll probably stop eating purees.

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