Benefits of Top Video Conferencing APIs for Online Marketplaces

Online Marketplaces

Present times are rapidly growing virtual every day. Online communications are gaining popularity like never before, especially video calling. Most types of businesses and industries leverage the power of video conferencing apps to conduct meetings, remote hiring, training sessions, or conversations with customers.

Have you been planning to strengthen your video conferencing capacities too? Don’t worry! We can help. In this article, we shall discuss the best video conferencing API for some online marketplaces. Stay with us and keep reading!

Top-Grade Examples Of Video Conference Integrations In The Global Online Marketplaces

Given the age of rapid digitalization, all industries are striving to keep up with modern communication requirements. Here, we shall discuss some of the best leading examples that show the smooth integration of video conferencing into some prominent industries. Let us take a look at them one by one.

1. Best Video API for Online Consulting Platforms

Given the present Covid restrictions, consulting businesses are shifting towards online platforms to engage with customers. In order to perform quality real-time consultations, it is essential for consulting platforms to have high-definition video and audio chat features. A good video calling API can help you integrate the best real-time video chat features into your mobile and web application. Video consultations enable your audience to trust you more as video calls are transparent in nature. Empower your online consulting system with live online seminars and events,  video call recording, and much more.

2. Mobile & Web Video Conferencing API in Healthcare

Video call APIs have been creating a significant impact on the telemedicine industry. It enables doctors and patients to interact in real-time. This way, doctors can provide instant care to their patients. Modern video API integrations allow healthcare professionals to share medical reports with customers in a secured way. Also, online video conferencing becomes highly secure when APIs are HIPAA compliant. Thanks to advanced video call APIs that have taken healthcare communication to the next level.

Here are some best chat features:

  • 1-1 doctor patient communication.
  • Secure media sharing
  • Encrypted virtual communication
  • Push notification & much more

3. E-learning with Video Conference API for Websites and Applications

Now that schools and colleges are operating online due to Covid, the switch to efficient video calls has become more important than ever.  Modern-age video conferencing APIs have enabled e-learning platforms to successfully reach out to their audience.  Video calling  has taken virtual collaborations to the next level.  With useful features like virtual whiteboarding and live broadcasting, you can host webinars, online tutoring, and much more. Successful video conferencing integrations can help you share unlimited learning materials and documents with the learners and enhance their learning experiences.

4. Efficient Call Center & Customer Support with Video Conference API Integration

There are various situations when prospects purchase sure services and products however will not be capable of perceive their implementation or operation. That is one space  the place they want steering and help. With Covid restrictions, it may be just a little tough to be bodily current to resolve the issue. Nevertheless, with real- time video conferencing APIs, interactions with prospects can grow to be extremely environment friendly and fast. Video conferencing options like display share makes it tremendous straightforward each for the viewers to clarify their points, and name facilities to debate the options on-line. 

5. Best Video API Features for Remote Work Setup

High-performing video call APIs are one of the best ways to build an efficient virtual workspace.  This is because video APIs help business teams to collaborate better via advanced features like multiple participation, screen sharing, virtual whiteboarding, video recording, end-to-end encryption, and a lot more. All these features help teams to speed up their workflow and accelerate productivity even in a remote work set up.

6. CRM Integrations with the Best Video Conferencing API Functionalities

Customer relationship management unit is also leveraging video conferencing functions to the fullest. It helps marketers and sellers to showcase their products and services without any mandatory physical presence. With HQ video conferences, it has become easier for them to interact with their audience and win their trust. There’s no denying that there should be cloud-based video conferencing integration into the sales funnel to optimize the success of CRM business units.

7. Managing Real Estate with Video Calling API

The real estate industry is also seen to be gaining a lot from video conferencing.  With video conferencing, real estate businesses can simplify the process of house selection for their customers, thereby attracting popularity for themselves.  Real estate businessmen can conduct online real-time consultations to walk customers through the property purchase process. With an efficient media sharing feature, realtors can offer a virtual property tour to their clients to highlight the good aspects of a particular property.

Which software is Best for Video Calls Integration into your Chat Platform?

Video conference integrations should be a well-thought decision. It is essential to perform  thorough research before starting your integration process. There are many high-performing video APIs in the market that can help you to integrate advanced video calling features into your chat platform. 

One such API provider that comes to the mind when integrating video conferencing features is the Zoom video conferencing API.  You can move towards deploying an outsourced solution such as Jitsi Meet on your server. Also, it is advised to integrate a cloud-based video conference solution that performs well on all browsers.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Video Calling API for your Platform

Selecting a video calling API involves many things and each point should be dealt wisely. Let us take a case study example of Contus MirrorFly, Zoom, and Jitsi that can help you understand the nuances revolving around the selection of APIs.

  • Contus MirrorFly is a top-notch video calling solution for businesses. It is a one-time payment solution and provides you with all customizable features, functionalities,  use cases, and user base counts. So, if you want all your advanced video features at one go, you can opt for MirrorFly. 
  • Also, MirrorFly has a video participants limit upto 2000. Be it self-hosting or cloud-hosting, analytics is possible. 
  • Zoom offers a license for only one host. So, if you want to conduct a simultaneous number of parallel video meetings, you should probably not opt for the Zoom API. 
  • Also, if you are looking forward to running video conferences on your site, Zoom API would not be a feasible option.  
  • Now, Jitsi Meet can be a good choice for deploying open source solutions  to your server.  But one thing that you need to be aware of is that as the user base grows, you may be required to incur additional costs.  
  •  The Zoom API infrastructure works round the clock. This makes system upgrades very difficult to manage. You may also be required to spend some additional capital.
  •  The support and maintenance segment is also very costly for Zoom video API, given the cost of maintaining the servers and salaries of developers.

We recommend you to perform a detailed research before choosing your video conferencing API. Consider all the points that go into such software integration.

Also, you need to make a wise choice between paid APIs and open source.  Zoom is an open API-based software that tends to have pitfalls like Windows password stealing, exposure of personal data to advertisers, malware-like  behavior on Mac software, and others. On the other hand, MirrorFly, which is a paid video API, makes sure to prioritize your privacy via end-to-end encryption. It is a ready-made white label  video conferencing solution.  

Last but not the least, make sure the video call  functions suit your  unique business requirements, time, and budget.


We hope our article helped you comprehend the importance of best video conferencing APIs for online marketplaces. Utilize the power of video conferencing for your business and ace virtual communications with your team and customers. What are you waiting for? Choose your video conference API and get started today! 

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