Benefits of Taking Furniture on Rent


Today, with the availability of furniture on rent in Kolkata, people don’t have to undergo any huge investments and can save money on the go!

Buying furniture can be expensive. Especially when you have just moved into your new house, is it possible to indulge yourself in such costly investments? But, as we all know, a home is nothing without furniture. Hence, what we do is rent them right away.

Renting over buying has many significant benefits to offer. If you are planning to consider this option, then here are some factors that make furniture rental the most cost-effective option.

Benefits of Taking Furniture

Why Vouch for the Best Furniture on Rent in Kolkata?

The sharing economy is growing rapidly across the globe. The idea of ownership was soon replaced by the desire to gain great experiences by sharing resources. Due to this reason, people are turning towards the renting option.

Just as Natalie Morales, an American film director, quoted, “furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed.” Hence, to do this thing the right way, renting over buying is a perfect choice.

This option helps you enjoy them and save money at the same time. Moreover, with renting, you can access numerous valuable products without the headache of buying and maintenance costs.


This is How the Rental Option Can Benefit You

According to Vineet Chawla, the founder of Renticle, there has been a major shift in consumers’ mindsets from owning to renting furniture. This is because of the marvelous benefits this option offers.

  • Entertaining Guests for an Extended Period

You may have frequent guests coming into your house who stay for an extended period, like 4 to 5 months at a stretch. In such cases, there’s no point in buying new furnishings for your guest bedroom.

What will you do with extra furniture when your guests go away? With time, these pieces will collect dust and lose their quality. Hence, hiring high-quality pieces for your guests for a short period is the ideal and the most cost-effective option.

  • No Costly Investments with Furniture on Rent

With renting option, you don’t have to be involved in any costly investments. It is easy on your pockets and won’t hurt your finances. Usually, when you purchase furniture, a huge down payment is mandatory. Later, all the extra charges are added along with it.

So, you should have good savings before buying them. Moreover, you can get a complete bedroom package by paying just a small rental fee every month. Hence, when such an option is available, why burn a hole in your pocket knowingly?

  • Swap Models as Per Your Requirement

There are many occasions like Holi, Durga Puja, Christmas, etc, when extra furniture is required since your house will be receiving many guests. Or, you might just want the latest model in the market over your older one. So, what do you do? With renting, you can change models as per your requirement.

If the model you just hired became old and there’s a new model in the market, you can easily swap the old one with a new one. This won’t require any additional cost. On occasions, you can bring extra furniture for your guests and give them back to the rental provider once everything ends.

  • The Delivery and Assembling is Complimentary

The delivery and assembling of the furniture are offered as a complementary service by the rental provider. When you buy them, the delivery and set up fee comes along with it. Plus, the farther you live, the more delivery charges you need to pay.

Sometimes setting up the pieces of furniture can be difficult without an expert. So, you need to spend extra money by calling an expert to set them up. But, with renting, this is not the case. The rental providers will do the assembling for you, free of cost.

  • Availability of Rent to Own Option

What if you love the piece you hired? Can you own it after renting? Generally, people hire furniture for a period of about 6 months to 1 year. If the period extends more than that, most of the item’s retail cost gets covered.

If you have rented it for more than a year, you must have probably covered its buying cost. Moreover, you can keep the rented piece for as long as you want. There are no limitations. So, this is a more money-saving option.

Ready to Rent a Furniture Today?

Buying new furniture is a massive investment, and it is not always the best option.  Moreover, there are plenty of reasons why rental furniture is a great choice for many people. The above benefits are just a handful of them.

However, if you are ready to rent it today, then you can rely on India’s top listing portals like Haarway, JustDial, and Sulekha. These portals will connect you with top furniture rental companies near you by understanding your budget, requisites, etc. Follow my Blogs at:

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