Augmented/Virtual Reality: Next Big Thing of Digital Environment

Augmented/Virtual Reality

A new tide of technological disruption is coming in the form of AR and VR  and it’s creating tons of opportunities for the industrial landscape all across the globe.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is nothing but the interactional experience with the real-world objects that are enhanced by computer-generated codes and technologies.

It is a sort of booming technology which adds virtual objects in real life and hence offering enriched experiences to people. 

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) means experiencing real-world objects or things through our computers or devices that actually don’t really exist. These days virtual reality is already becoming a booming concept, and with so many new tech gadgets and devices, it can be easy to feel left behind. That’s because VR is still a relatively new technology.

Virtual Reality is also known by names such as synthetic environment, cyberspace, artificial reality and simulator technology.

Top Factors driving Augmented and Virtual Reality


The growing usage, modernization and integration of technology & digitalization in healthcare, manufacturing, IT and many other industries are some of the key factors driving the increasing adoption of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

These technologies have revolutionized each and every industry with their adoption in virtual training, 3D operating room simulations and a lot more.

Many augmented reality companies in Bangalore are using these technologies as a tool for training and education as well.

2.User Experience

The next driving force behind augmented reality and virtual reality is user experience.

The purpose of augmented reality and virtual reality to stimulate the senses in a way that compels the brain into believing that something completely is real and may take you in a simulated world, via headsets or software.

In fact, with the help of virtual reality, you can feel truly present and you can share unbounded spaces and experiences with the people in your life.


Both AR and VR can easily function as multipurpose devices and can be used for a different purpose. 

With VR, you can’t just play games but can also use it for education, healthcare, fashion, mental health and many other reasons. Many industries and companies have since taken up the use of VR technology and revamped their offerings including business, medicine, manufacturing, architecture, and the leisure industry.

The potential of the AR and VR technology to revolutionize the world is unmatched. We can only wait for more amazing ways AR and VR will change the future.


The next big driving factor for AR and VR is mobility.

AR and VR devices or softwares can be used anywhere because it doesn’t block out the real world. One can simply carry a few AR and VR devices in their pockets.  In fact, you can also wear those devices while travelling or in-home, office, train or plane.

This is a major advantage of AR and VR technologies. However, AR and VR need to become more mobile in order to create a distinguished spot in the market.


Virtual reality offers a number of potential uses. It can be used to treat people suffering from certain phobias as well as other diseases.

It can also offer advantages for various sorts of research, education, and training. According to some research, virtual reality experiments can provide insight into the nature of awareness and consciousness itself.

Apart from this, Virtual reality could also be used in business for doing video conferencing in which people located in various parts of the world can interact in a shared environment and do work together.

It is also one of the most proffered courses after 12th commerce among young students who have strong inclination towards technology.


Augmented reality and virtual reality is here to change the information exchange within industries but it also poses a challenge for the businesses to create a seamless experience. As the AR and VR applications offer some amazing features and benefits, SMEs are also developing interest in adopting this new technology for their growth.

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