Apptivo Project Management – Tasks Vs Milestones

Tasks Vs Milestones Be it of any size or shape – businesses often allocate resources to manage and deliver projects on time. With the evolution in technology, the method deployed to handle projects has shifted. From using documents, spreadsheets to integrating with a cloud-based project management software, the project managers have seen several transformations. There is a wide variety of project management apps available now that are accessible from anywhere at any time. 

Though the software providers boast advanced features and exceptional user experience, the fundamental concepts remain the same. They help to meet the deadlines systematically. Milestones and Tasks are irreplaceable parts of project management and are inevitable in the project planning process.

In this article, we will go through the difference between tasks and milestones and how they help businesses improve their efficiency by integrating with Apptivo Project Management software.

Tasks Vs Milestones

A task is a specific activity with a singular purpose that is related to achieving a larger goal. It is a single unit of work and is further divided into several subtasks. They are essential elements of project management. A Milestone is a marker in the project, basically a scheduling tool that tracks the progress of a project. It can attest to the completion of a particular phase or stage within a project. Milestone can also be defined as a set of tasks that leads to the end of a particular stage in a project. 

Each task has a start and end date, while milestone has a specific deadline. Project managers can measure the completion of a milestone through tasks. When the assigned tasks are completed, a milestone is reached. 

A task could be of any complexity level. It can be a simple task like preparing a proposal or a complex task like testing the software. In either case, a task is the completion of a single activity to achieve a bigger goal, Milestones.

In short, projects are divided into several milestones which are further broken down into tasks and subtasks. 

Meeting deadlines with Apptivo 

The Apptivo project management solution has everything your project managers need to streamline the project management and attain the deliverables at the stipulated time. The advanced project management tools enable project managers and project members to track their progress through customized statuses and Gantt charts. 

Project management apps need to empower project managers with the right tools in organizing tasks and milestones. No matter how advanced the features are in a project management tool, it is vital to focus on the basic building blocks of a project. Here, tasks and milestones.  Our team of engineers has developed the Apptivo’s Projects app with advanced tools while optimizing the fundamental activities like tasks and milestones. In addition, it offers the features your project members require to track and document all the interactions and activities. 

For instance, the tasks available in the best project management software like Apptivo allows employees to document the activities like events, call logs, and emails to complete a task. Another notable action is adding tasks to milestones and tracking their progress from a single window. The tasks and milestones progress for each project, and all the projects can be overseen collectively through interactive Gantt charts. Furthermore, project managers can generate instant reports based on milestones and tasks right from where they are to measure the performance of an employee or team. 

Everything your project manager necessitates is attainable with the best project management software, Apptivo. 

Wrapping Up

This culminates in the basic differences between tasks and milestones. Implementing project management software requires careful planning and analysis as they assist in delivering the project before the deadlines. Hence, businesses have to choose a project management software that caters to their purposes rather than signing up for software that offers advanced features but is not needed by your project teams. 

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