Amazon Clone: All You Need To Know About Developing An Extensive Marketplace App Like Amazon


Online shopping is the latest buzzword that has caught all our attention in recent years. On foreseeing the demand, this will be the right time for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses. With Appdupe’s Amazon clone entrepreneurs can launch their e-commerce platform in the market

Amazon Clone

The Amazon Clone arrival of ecommerce apps gave a new sphere for people to buy their products online without stepping out of their place. However, unlike ecommerce apps, in online marketplace apps, many sellers will register with the app and sell their products to the users. 

E-commerce is a broad term referring to the online platform for buying and selling products. Amazon is the best example of an ecommerce app. The success of ecommerce applications like Amazon and eBay have influenced entrepreneurs to a great extent. 

Have you ever wondered about the cost of developing an app like Amazon? This blog will be an excellent guide for entrepreneurs like you for starting your business with a similar app like Amazon.  

Amazon – The pioneer of shopping apps 

Amazon is a leading international ecommerce platform for people providing online retail, consumer electronics, computing services, digital content, and local deals like grocery deliveries and daily deals.

It was launched in 1995; it has become the favorite online platform for people to shop. Amazon is known for timely delivery of products to customers, and with this, it has become the favorite shopping destination for people. In addition to the online marketplace app, Amazon also provides an on-demand video streaming platform for people to watch movies and series. 

The officials close to the company have revealed that Amazon generated $125.6 billion in sales revenues during the Q4 of 2020. In addition, according to the reports of VentureBeat, Amazon has gained around 150 million subscribers.

How to start your ecommerce business with an Amazon clone app?

With the growing edge of technology, everything has become digital-centric. Especially after the advent of mobile applications, we can buy anything right from flowers to books. That is how it has grown over the years. 

If you are already on the verge of launching your ecommerce business, then an Amazon clone will be the right choice. In addition, the ready-to-launch Amazon clone app will save the time you spend in developing right from the start.

Extensive features to be incorporated in the Amazon clone app. 

Ravishing home screen 

Your homepage will be the welcome slide of your app. Hence, it is essential to give more emphasis on creating a beautiful home screen. As a good homepage, you can also add multimedia designs with listings of the latest arrivals and FAQs on the screen.

Advanced search option 

When you launch an ecommerce app, it will be flooded with products from various brands. It is not an excellent idea for users to go through from top to bottom of the app to get their products. An advanced search option will help users search their products by entering the product name in the search bar. 

Shopping cart 

As an online shopping app, you have to feature the products in your app with all information and description about the products. This will help the users to buy the products accordingly. They can add their products to the cart and bill them at the end of their shopping.

Multiple payment options 

The users should be allowed to make their payments through more than one payment option. Nowadays, we are used to many payment options like credit/debit cards or net banking or through integrating mobile wallets. So it is essential to provide more than one option for the users to pay according to their feasibility. 

Real-time tracking 

The Amazon clone will help the users to track their orders using the real-time tracking feature. Through this feature, the users can track the delivery status of the product orders. In addition, the app will also send instant updates regarding the progress of the order delivery at every stage.

Ways to generate money from your app

Till now, we would have discussed the working and features of an Amazon clone app. And, now it’s time for us to explore ways to earn money from the app.

  • Delivery charges from users 

With your Amazon clone app, you can receive your delivery fee from the users for using your platform to buy their products. For each of the orders they place, you can earn from them.

  • Fee from the sellers 

Initially, to join with the app, the sellers have to pay their fee for being a part of the app. Apart from that, the money from each order will go as commission charges to the app. 

  • In-app advertisements 

Featuring advertisements is the best way to earn money. You can invite third parties to advertise their products on your app. In return, you can also make considerably through this revenue model.

Wrapping up

Over the years, the online marketplace has become more competitive, and it all started from the success of apps like Amazon and eBay. To match with the existing competitions is extremely important when it comes to business. So, entrepreneurs can proceed with launching a viable Amazon clone script with cutting-edge technology.

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