All The Things You Need To Know About Covid-19 Virus


Where did Covid-19 start from?

As we all know covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by a recently discovered coronavirus. It first spread in a Huanan Seafood Market of Wuhan, someone there had contracted this virus from an animal. The rest of the story is an awful part of history that resulted in the killing of 211,000 individuals, as of now. Though, numerous aspects of the source from where covid-19 originated are still not confirmed. Nonetheless many scientists are trying to understand that which species specifically passed the virus onto an animal. Finding this out is important because knowing how a pandemic started can help in ending it.

How does it spread?

The virus causing covid-19 is spread through droplets of an infected person when they sneeze, cough, or even when they exhale those droplets. Droplets of these viruses are heavy in size hence they quickly fall on the nearby surface. The virus tends to stay on a surface for a longer period of time. Like for instance if the droplet from an infected person containing the virus falls on a wooden surface, then it would take 2 days to completely disappear from that surface. Similarly, its life span varies from surface to surface. If a virus is still present on a surface and another person comes and touches that surface then he will also contract the virus. In some cases, if you are in close proximity of an infected person and inhale their infected air then there are high chances you would also contract the virus.

Why controlling the virus is important:

Controlling the covid-19 virus is important because it is an infectious and deadly virus. If this virus is not controlled it can cause massive destruction of the human population in the world. Every country except a few have been affected by the virus and are bearing its consequences. It has a major impact on our economy. If the situation of corona in the world does not go back to normal, then the developed, as well as developing countries, will cripple.  Although we cannot tell the exact figure of economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, economists all across the globe believe that if this pandemic goes any longer then it will have severe negative impacts. According to Statista, in 2020, there was a loss of 2.9% in GDP. Coronavirus had a major impact on the global stock markets, however, they were able to recover from the losses rapidly. Travel and tourism industries were significantly affected by the pandemic. People were not allowed to travel for recreational and tourism purposes because of these activities, coronavirus was spreading rapidly. For slowing its spread, the countries had to place a ban on “out of the country” travels. Some countries also banned intercity travels. Airlines faced a major economic loss and they had to cut back on their airline staff and the number of flights they operate, since fewer people were traveling

The same thing happened with other industries, when fewer consumers were buying goods and services so industries had to fire their employees. Many people became unemployed and were unable to buy as many luxury goods and services as they used to do before. Due to this dynamic, the economists believe that this pandemic could lead to the “Great Depression”.

Ways to control the virus:

  • Get yourself Vaccinated: The first and foremost way of controlling the spread of coronavirus is by getting yourself vaccinated. Being vaccinated does not mean that you are completely free from the virus. It only means that the chance of you being severely sick after contracting the virus has been reduced.
  • Wearing a Mask: Adults, as well as children, should wear a mask when they are out in public places. But make sure your mask should be well fitted. And staying 6 feet apart from other individuals, will guarantee yours and theirs safety.
  • Avoid Crowded Areas: The best option to stay safe from the virus is to avoid going in crowded areas. If due for any reason, visiting a crowded area is necessary then make sure you sanitize your hands frequently.

What role do Marshalls play in preventing Corona Virus?

Since certain restrictions are being lifted and workplaces and educational institutes are being opened again, we need to take precautions in order to prevent the increase of coronavirus cases. covid-19 marshalls play an important role in ensuring that the workplaces are covid safe for employees at all times. Covid Marshalls go through a severe training process before they are selected. Then they are assigned different activities where a Covid Management Plan is required. If people follow the rules and regulations on how to control the spread of the virus, then things can swiftly go back to normal. And with the right techniques, we would be able to recover our global economy.

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