All The Right Things Everyone Should Know About Air Cargo

Know About Air Cargo

It has been around a hundred years since the first flight took place, carrying the goods from one state to another by air. Even after all this time, it is still the fastest way to ship your goods from one corner of the world to another. Facts like these explain why air cargo services are the most preferred means of international shipping for commercial retailers and other individual business owners. Airfreight has managed to become the key element that many companies rely on for the import and export of goods globally. In simpler words, it makes logistics operations more efficient and speedy. 

Since this guide is all about giving out the right information about air cargo to interested readers, let’s read about what air cargo really is. 

What Is Air Cargo Transport? 

Air cargo transport refers to the transport of goods from one place to another in any corner of the world. The vessels that are used to carry out air cargo offer a wider fuselage than the passenger planes which increases the capacity. On top of that, aircrafts made for air cargo have more wheels and are more stable. Moreover, they have more than one large door to allow easy and seamless entry and exit of shipping products. 

As people are getting more and more aware of the impact of different machines on the environment, most importantly the planes, the shipping industry is trying to take measures to reduce the negative impact of aircraft on the environment. Modern planes are made with materials that are not hazardous to nature. Other than that, hybrids are powered by other forms of energy, such as electric or solar. 

What Are The Advantages Of Air Cargo? 


People who want to send goods through air cargo to Dubai, Sharjah, or any other international destination will always get to enjoy timely delivery as speed is one of the top benefits of air freight. 


Air cargo offers flexible schedules that customers can also personalise according to the needs of their merchandise. That is one reason why this means of transport is extremely quick and efficient. 

3.Loading Capacity 

When it comes to the capacity of goods, air cargo is an ideal choice as you send goods of any size ranging from small to medium and large. This diversity makes air cargo more convenient for retailers. 


Without any doubt, air freight is one of the most innovative sectors of the shipping industry. Over the years, it has gone through some major changes from its speed to combustion requirements. 

5.Less Custom Hassle 

When you opt for air transport, there are less physical barriers, such as strict custom rules and regulations. Due to that, many people find it easier to send their goods by air. 

6.Product Sensitivity 

Airfreight is the ideal way to ship goods that are perishable, temperature-sensitive, or have high-value merchandise. It is because of the safe and reliable handling of the goods throughout the terrain. There are many products, such as frozen items that will get damaged if there are no accurate means of temperature regulation. However, with air freight, it is very much possible. 

What Kinds Of Goods Can You Deliver Via Air Cargo? 

There are a number of things that are complementary to air cargo. The following is the list of goods you can send through air freight: 

  • Urgent goods
  • High volume goods
  • Intercontinental urgent mail
  • Spare parts for land vehicles
  • Spare parts required in the aerospace industry
  • Perishable food
  • Materials for functions, events, and fairs. 
  • Plants
  • Pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines and drugs. 
  • Live animals
  • Luxury products
  • Artworks
  • Medical equipment.  

Now that you know everything about air cargo, you can easily opt for it without having confusion in the future. 

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