All Basics You Should Know About Netgear Extender Setup Installation

Netgear Extender Setup

When wifi signals slow down, so does the entire life in the modern world. There can be multiple reasons for slow down, including signal congestion, your router location, firmware issues, or even the size of your home.

But Netgear has offered a solution to fix all of these issues in its Netgear Extender Setup. Also, this setup is easy to install and configure. So you don’t have to do a lot of hard work while installing it that people had to do with traditional routers. Netgear has also provided the Netgear Genie app to its users to control the whole setup and router network in one place. You can run Netgear Genie app on any mobile device.

If you nothing about installing the Extender, don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for. You can follow these directives in this guide to install your Netgear Extender on any existing network. You can install the setup in these ways-

• Using a wifi connection
• With ethernet cable

First, before you begin with the setup, here are the prerequisites for the installation:

• You should have an internet connection from any internet service provider.
• Also, don’t forget to place your ISP router and Extender in the same room to avoid problems with internet connectivity.
• Plugin your Extender correctly into a power socket, and then press the Power on button. The power LED on the router should turn green.
• Ensure to have a computer, laptop, or any mobile device.
• An ethernet cable needed for the wired setup is also something that you should not miss out on.

Now let’s begin with installing the setup.

Installing Netgear Extender Setup with wifi-

Connect the Extender to the ISP router network-

• For this, press the WPS button on the Extender and then wait for the WPS LED to turn green to create a route between the router and Extender.

Connect your device to the extender network-

• After building a connection between the ISP router and Extender, the next step is to find the extender network on your device. Firstly open your device and go to the wifi manager section.
• Find the network with _EXT extension. SSID of extender network will be similar to the router network SSID but with _EXT extension.
• Once you find the network, connect your device to this network. You will have to use the same username and password as the router network credentials.
• After that, check for the device link LED on the Extender to turn green.

Move your Extender where wifi signals are usually weak-

• Moving on, plug out your Extender, and then select the place where you need a good internet connection.
• Plugin the Extender again into a power outlet and wait till the power LED turns green.
• The same router link and device link LED should turn green.
• If your router link LED is not green, your Extender is out of the range from the router network. Try bringing the Extender into the content of the router network.
• Also, if your device link LED is not green, the reason could be that your device is out of the range of the extender network or the Extender is not plugged correctly.

Login to your admin account-

• Finally, here we are, done with the installation. Now, you can log in to your admin account to make the desired changes on your extender network. We will discuss the login process further in this guide, so keep reading.

Installing Netgear Extender with an ethernet cable-

Connect your ISP router and Extender with an ethernet cable-

• Pick one end of the ethernet cable and connect it to the ethernet port of the ISP router and another end into the Extender’s ethernet port.
• Make sure that the router link LED on the Extender has turned green. Otherwise, try the process again.

Find the extender network on your device-

• Moving on, open your device and then then the wifi manager on the device to find the extender network.
• Find the extender network with the _EXT extension. The Extender will create a copy of the router network so the network name will be the same for example-
Router SSID – Mywifi
Extender SSID – Mywifi.ext
• After finding the network, connect your device to it. Use the same login details as the router network.

Select your desired place to move the router-

• After connecting your device and Extender, unplug it and move it to the location where you want the internet connection.
• For example, if you have faced wifi problems while working in the basement, you can move your Extender to the basement. But make sure that the router and Extender have a connection.
• Then plug in the Extender into a power socket and wait for the power, router link, device link LED to turn on green.
• If any of these LEDs do not turn green, try bringing these devices close to each other till all of these LEDs turn green to finish the installation.
• Once you’ve done the installation, the next step is to log in to your account.

Login into the Netgear Extender admin account-

• To log in, first, you have to make sure that you’re connected to the extender network.
• If you’re connected to the network, then open any internet browser on your device and type or IP in the address bar to go to the Setup Wizard.
• If you’re a new user, you must create your account first to login into your admin account.
• Create your account and then click NEXT. Following this, a new window will open on your screen, which will display the status of all the connected devices.
• But if you’re an existing user, you have to enter your admin credentials in the input box of Setup Wizard to log in.
• Once you’ve logged into your admin login account, you can configure your network and ensure to save the changes before leaving the window.
• Also, note that the router will restart itself to apply those settings every time you make changes on your network.

To end this guide, we will say that we have discussed all the essential points to install the Netgear Extender. But if you face any problems while installing this piece of modern day technology, feel free to seek help from the experts to avoid any issues.

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