A Particularised Guide For Developing A Freelance Job Site With The Freelancer Clone


Get a clear cut understanding of the stages involved in developing a freelancing job portal using the Freelancer clone script. This blog is to detail the Freelancer clone app development and the benefits associated with it.

 Freelancer clone

Hey! If you really obsessed with developing an application that hosts freelancers, then give this blog a read. Freelancer is a popular job portal for freelancers. The app houses different domains, and users can pick any of the domains and apply for jobs. A similar app solution to Freelancer is the Freelancer clone script. This topic completely revolves around the Freelancer clone app.

The main reasons for the huge hype around freelancing jobs

  • Free from office politics

One of the crucial reasons behind people leaving or changing jobs is due to the intolerable office politics. Whereas if people take up freelancing jobs, they don’t have to undergo all the office politics. They can just complete the assigned work with the stipulated time and get paid.

  • No office timings

Though many companies provide flexible timings, they set the duration of the working hours (for example, 8 hrs/day or 9 hrs/day). Whereas if people freelances, then they can work on their preferred timings. The freelancers can schedule their work timings and complete the work well before the timeline.

  • No pile-up of additional work

In almost every full-time job, employees are loaded with additional works. But that is not the case in freelancing jobs. The freelancers will work sign up an agreement for the work assigned, and there will not be any additional works. Similarly, at times employees will be pushed to do multitasking in full-time jobs. Even that is not the case in freelancing jobs.

  • Free to choose their favourite projects

As freelance job portal lists different projects, freelancers can choose the projects they are interested in. They can simply select the project that they want to work on and get paid on completion. No more working on monotonous tasks.

  • The more the projects, the more the payment

Unlike full-time employment, freelancers don’t have to worry about workload and salary. If a freelancer works on multiple projects, the salary will also be more. At the end of the day, freelancing jobs dominate full-time jobs.

These are the crucial reasons that drive many people to rely on freelancing jobs instead of full-time jobs. With these brownie points, let us delve into the stages for starting the freelancing job site.

How to develop a freelance marketplace – Stages involved

  • Choose the business model

There are two different types of business models in the freelance marketplace. Dedicated platforms and aggregator platforms. In dedicated platforms, freelancers can find jobs of any single genre. For example, there are freelance sites that are specially designed for designing jobs, writing jobs, etc. Whereas aggregate platforms are where freelancers can find jobs of different genres.

  • Find the audience

Firstly, you need to understand that freelancing jobs doesn’t only include marketing, designing, app development, etc. The freelance marketplace is an ocean that houses different like driving, housekeeping, etc. Most of the on-demand businesses like taxi-hailing, food delivery, etc., employ gig workers or freelancers. They get paid for the work done on a daily basis.

So, first of all, find the type of freelance jobs your audiences are looking for. Only then you can narrow the business plans down to other stages.

  • Competition analysis

In the freelance marketplace, the top competitors are Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork. Similarly, many freelance job sites have been popping out in recent times. It is necessary to pick out their unique selling points and work on differentiating your app.

  • App development

As said already, if you are confident enough to enter the freelance marketplace, you need to develop an app. Freelancer clone script is suggested as it is readily available. No need for lengthy coding processes. You can just select any reputed clone app developer, ask for a demo and finalize whether you want to purchase the app or not. 

Critical features of the Freelancer clone app

In general, the user experience can be enhanced through the features of the application. The features must be both essential as well as exciting to users. Since the freelance job site has three stakeholders, we will look into the features of each stakeholder’s app separately.

The Freelancer app

  • Profile 

After logging into your Freelancer clone, every freelancer must input details like their name, qualifications, contact number, email address, account number, etc. Once the details are added, the profile set-up will be completed.

  • Search bar

Through the search bar, users can accelerate the process of searching the freelance projects.

  • Feedback system

The gross experience regarding the app’s UI and other functionalities can be given out as reviews.

  • Payment gateway

The ease of transaction lies in the availability of multiple options. Apart from the conventional payment options like debit cards and credit cards, add GPay, Apple Pay, in-app wallet, etc.

The Employer app

  • Dashboard

The employer’s app will have a central dashboard that organizes every app-related information. The freelancer can view the number of projects posted, the number of freelancers who have submitted the bid for the projects, etc.

  • Payment history

The employer can view the previous payments processed via the app. It will also include the name of the project, the name of the freelancer, etc.

  • Alerts

The employer will receive alerts whenever a freelancer bids for the job posted by the employer or regarding any payments. 

The Admin panel

  • Central dashboard

From the dashboard, the admin (you) can indulge in management tasks like dispute management, payment verification, feedback management, etc.

  • Analytics

You can get a quick overview of your freelance site’s performance along with the freelancer and employer’s activities.

Summing up, develop a competitive freelance job site by launching the Freelancer clone.

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