A Beautiful Building Brings a Community Together

Beautiful Building Brings

In the Bible, there is a verse that says when two or more people gather, there the Lord will be. This phrase is such a beautiful sentiment to the dedication God has to us. Now that does not mean to say that he is not with us if we are alone. I know that God will never leave me, whether I go to church or not.

God is always with us wherever we go and no matter what we’re doing. He does not even leave us during the times when we are sinning, even though he disapproves. There’s nothing that would make God depart from us. However, when we are sinning, we would rather pretend that God has left us so that we do not feel his disapproval. But he will never leave us, nor will He forsake us and that is the beautiful part about being a Christian.

The importance of a church

But it is still vital for all Christians to come together and worship and learn about God. Congregating and joining together with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ is a vital part of our community. And while a Christian community can gather anywhere in the world, the majority of us prefer to do it in a building dedicated to the worship of God.

When it comes to finding a building that a community or church can gather in, most churches will look through a list of vacant churches or churches for sale in the area in which they want to build a community. Many churches are available to rent or to own, so choosing a church not designed by the congregation means that they have to adapt their programs and classes to the layout and architecture of the building.

Buying a pre-made church has its disadvantages

Many churches are designed by the top church architects company in Dallas, TX. As a result, the buildings stand out from other churches around the state.

Each church community has its own needs, especially if the community is big or a church that caters to a population with certain disadvantages, like people with special needs, non-English speakers, people of a low income, or young families in need of daycare.

It is these critical populations who need a building dedicated to their needs. So when I had a church congregation move to a different location, I had to put the characteristics of my church’s population at the forefront of my search.

However, there is another alternative to renting or owning a pre-made church building, and I am proud to have chosen that alternative. When the church congregation that I was a part of started looking for churches, I was deeply unsatisfied with the selection of buildings available in the area.

Some places were too small, and some other buildings were far too big. Some church plots were so unbelievably expensive, I would have had to double the population of my church to be able to afford the rent. And doubling the church’s population meant that I would have to find a bigger church, so that was a bust.

Build the church and they will come!

About four months into my search for a new church building, I realized I didn’t have to purchase a pre-made building. With a good architect on my side that specialized in church building design McKinney,TX, a clearly detailed floor plan, and a loan, I could create a brand new church building perfect for my congregation. Although it did take some time for me to convince the rest of the church board, I was able to get my idea across and they agreed!

After convincing the church board, the next task I had to complete was searching for the top church architects company in Dallas, TX. So I put together a committee, and the search was on! In no time at all, I was able to sign a church design company and hire a great architect.

My beautiful new church

I was so happy when I saw the layout for our new church that I almost started crying! The team that conducts church building design McKinney, TX really made my dreams come true! I don’t know how to thank them, but you can be sure I will start by making my famous pumpkin spice cookies! God Bless our new church and the fantastic architects as well as the construction team that is building my church!


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