9 Things to Do to Kill Time at the Airport


One thing that travelers dread and want to avoid at all cost is waiting time at the airport. There are many situations where you have no choice but to wait on the seats of the cold airport. It could be because you reached early for your flight, had a flight delay or cancellation, or have a connecting flight to catch.

Regardless of the situation, time truly crawls at snail’s pace when you’re waiting at the airport. It often feels like forever before you hear the announcement you’d been waiting for so long. While you may not be able to have the time of your life, there are still some things that you can do to pass the time quickly.

Do you have long waiting time planned at the airport? Here are some things you can do to kill this time while doing things that may interest you.

9 Things to Do to Kill Time at the Airport

1. Relax and Observe

If you’re a fan of Love, Actually, you’d remember the opening scene at Heathrow Airport where you see people meeting their loved ones at the airport. If you want to kill time at the airport and satisfy the inner sociologist in you, you should just sit back and observe what people around you are doing. You’ll witness plenty of different moments, some happy and some sad, while you’re there. You can even make note of the ones that stand out.

2. Get Some Exercise

If you’re waiting for a long-haul flight, you should consider getting some exercise before boarding the plane. Since you may have to sit in your seat for a long time, you should let some blood circulate to your legs before hopping on the plane. You can do this by walking around the airport or stretching your body while sitting in the waiting area.

3. Consider Getting Out

If possible, you should also consider getting out of the airport and exploring the city that you’re in. It’s a great way to add another city to the list of ones you’ve visited. If you’re in your own city’s airport, you should consider heading home to rest for a while before coming back. However, be mindful of the time you have as the last thing you’d want is to miss your flight!

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4. Explore the Airport

Most of the airports have shops in them to keep people busy while they wait for their flights. If you have some time to kill before your flight, you should definitely check out these shops in the meanwhile. You can also buy presents for your loved ones while you’re there or if you think the prices are too high, just keep window-shopping!

5. Plan a Quick Day-Trip

If your waiting time at the airport is planned, you can plan a quick day-trip in the city that you’re in. Look up the top attractions according to your interests and pay a quick visit to these places. Make sure that your itinerary is achievable and ask locals for help to make the most of your time. You can also book a hotel in the city to rest during your waiting time and explore the place after getting some rest.

6. Watch a Movie or Read a Book

The best way to pass time is to stream a movie or read a book at the airport. Depending on the genre you enjoy and the time you have, choose one that will keep you engrossed. You can also grab a bite to eat while watching the movie or reading the book. This can be a great opportunity to unwind and relax before the flight.

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7. Make Friends

If you’re sitting around other people, you should consider starting a conversation with them. Steer clear of asking personal questions from strangers as it may offend them. You should also pick on any non-verbal cues that they may be giving which indicate that they’re not up for a conversation.

8. Find a Spot to Rest

If you have trouble sleeping during the flight or have a long journey ahead of you, you should definitely take this time to rest before boarding the plane. You can look around the airport for paid lounge access or sleeping pods where you can get some shuteye before heading to your flight. You can also rest your head on a travel neck pillow and get a quick snooze while sitting on your seat.

9. Plan the Rest of Your Trip

If you haven’t planned your trip through, this could be a great opportunity for you to plan the rest of your trip. You can finalize your itinerary and make all required reservations while you’re waiting at the airport. You can also book car rentals and airport shuttles to take you from the airport to your destination.

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