8 Best Practices For Excellent Cold Calling

Cold Calling

Cold calling can be difficult for newcomers and it is not a cup of tea for most marketers too. Sometimes, it can be as difficult as solving the formula of Einstein’s theory. But no one can deny the fact that cold calling brings the best and qualified sales leads, which no other technique can bring so fastly.

Cold calling is an action in deals when salespeople contact potential buyers who did not communicate any interest in the services or products you are offering. Salesperson attempt to make a phone call to prospective buyers in hope of pitching their products or services. 

Most of the time sales representatives stop making calls as they start facing rejection so frequently. That is why we have accumulated top tips for cold calling.

Below we have talked about some of the cold call best practices, which will help you to get numerous leads within a short period of time.

  1. Give an offer – You should know that nobody would talk to you until you give them something valuable in return. You have to provide an offer that has no strings attached to it so that they will feel more comfortable and intrigued. Touch their pain points and make them feel that your solution is the only relevant solution to their business concerns. Through this, you can also start the conversation and generate reliability and trust fastly.
  1. Don’t make excuses – Salespeople make a lot of excuses after facing continuous rejection. It is the duty of every sales chief that the sales representative must be focused and determined. Let them take more coffee breaks and initiate a conversation about where they are facing difficulties. 
  1. Rejection is a part of success – Most of the time when you practice cold calling, you are very likely to hear ‘No’ definitely more than ‘Yes,’ and the best reps on the planet does not get heart broke and continue their efforts, you just have to give more time with right techniques and excellent communication skills.
  1. Learn from your colleagues who are succeeding – You have to look for top salespeople in your company who are excellent cold callers and learn their B2B sales tips to boost your own productivity. Start reading books, newsletters, and blogs. Do not stop enhancing yourself with the current trends. 
  1. Learning should be the goal, and then sales – You can not excel in the art of cold calling in a single day. You have to give it some time. That is why set a goal of learning something new every day when you make calls. 

Just start with understanding and remembering the script and then focus on the phases where you are facing troubles. 

Also, if you can take the feedback from somebody about your vocal skills, then it would be great.

  1. Take help of software – A modern sales representative can use numerous B2B lead generation and B2B prospecting tools to lower down their burden of doing tedious tasks. In that manner, they will be able to focus more on real work. These tools will help you become more efficient and creative.  
  1. Stop wasting time – You should focus on building the most targeted contact database, so you will not waste your precious time in persuading those leads who are unqualified. For example – suppose you are a sales rep of an AI lead product brand it means your target is the people of the technology sector, then it won’t make sense to have a teacher in your targeted list of contacts. 

Some of the most common traits are – 

  • Geography
  • Related technologies
  • Industry
  • Number of employees
  • List of technologies used 
  1. Always consider a wireless headset – Something that hinders your calls are distractions that should be avoided at any cost. By using a headset, you will possibly excite enthusiasm into your speech when conversing with a prospective buyer, as your body will be freer to flow freely when you converse.


Firstly, stop listening to those over-smart people who say that cold calling is a waste of time and isn’t productive. These are the people who fail to leverage the art of cold calling. Cold calling is still very much alive. 

Also, just remember that a single call would not make a difference, you have to continually follow-up with them. 

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