7 ways you can get rid of mice from your home

get rid of mice

get rid of mice find human homes ideal for living when they are compelled to move indoors owing to chilly winters. Your home is full of warmth, food and concealed places that offer protection to mice nests. However they are ungrateful and cause damage to your property by chewing wires, toys, books, furniture, and getting in to your food storage and eating them and contaminate them. They contaminate food more than they eat and in the process also contaminate home surfaces with their droppings, urine and hair. This not only leads to devastation of property and food but also spread of deadly diseases to inhabitants. Here we will explore ways to get rid of them and before that you can contact the neighborhood pest control company such as BBPP, the most successful mouse exterminator Vaughan, to look for get rid of mice infestation and remove them.

Here are 7 ways you can get rid ofget rid of mice from home

Adapt a pet

You can get a cat as it is fond of chasing mice and catching them. Mice make great snacks for cats and it is the natural way of getting rid of get rid of mice from your home. You can also use cat litter in the area frequented by mice and spread them and it will act as a deterrent to the rodent. However keep it out of reach of children.

Use humane traps

Humane traps are designed to catchget rid of mice and keep them alive unlike poison traps. Deploy them in areas where mice frequent in search of food. They generally come out at night and choose a trodden path routinely. You can keep yummy treats like cheese, peanut butter and buttered snacks inside the trap to lure them. Check every morning and you will find one trapped there. At least keep a distance of 1 mile from home when you release the mice or rat in to open field. Do not touch the mouse when you release it as it may carry diseases.

Repulse with essential oils

You can deter get rid of mice with strongly scented essential oils which you can douse in cotton balls and deploy them in the area they romp during nights. You can keep the cotton balls in entryways, cupboards, and drawers. It is not a decisive method but will work well with other methods. 

Use Snap Traps

Snap traps are most popular option to exterminate rats and get rid of mice. Inside the trap the bait is placed and the trap shuts when the bait is removed by a mouse or rat, instantly trapping it or killing it. You can dispose of the trap or reuse it at your own discretion. However this may not be the right solution for larger infestation. 

Seal Entry Points With Steel Wool

Find openings, holes and crevices in the masonry and seal them with ball of steel wool. For mice it will be unpleasant and impossible to chew steel and that will work as a deterrent for the little creatures and will abandon their entry attempts.

Block with duct tape

If you have broken window panes, gapes in the wood work, door and other entry ways you should block them with duct tape. These are easy entry points and make it difficult for rats and get rid of mice by sealing them with the tape and especially under the sink, pipe entry points, and back of the cupboards where cables are present.

Call professional help

The above mentioned 6 methods are only for smaller infestation and if the infestation is large scale you should call professional help like BBPP, the best pest control Vaughan and let them get rid of them. You can contact them on phone number 647-910-6315 or send mail to info@bbppcanada.com and get a free quote.

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