7 Steps To Throw A Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise Birthday Party

Organizing a birthday party does not require any special arrangements, but when you want to throw a surprise party for your loved ones, then you need to think out of the box. Arranging a surprise birthday party requires some special arrangements that no one has ever made for your loved ones.

People either go to restaurants for dinner or lunch and celebrate their birthdays, but going for dinner or lunch does not always seem special. There are several spots and destinations in the UAE where you can have all the fun and arrange birthday parties that one would never have witnessed.

If you want to arrange a surprise birthday party for your friends, family, and colleagues, then you must give this article a read.

Top 7 Steps to Practice for Throwing a Surprise Birthday Party

For making birthdays special and surprising, you need to do a little planning and put in some extra effort. The first you can begin with is deciding where to celebrate the birthday and what the guest of honor would like to see or do on their big day. Besides selecting a venue, you also need to decide what fun elements you can make a part of your party to make them memorable.

Below are some of the steps you need to arrange surprise birthday parties and make them memorable.

1. Special birthday attire

The birthday person will be more than surprised to see all the friends and family dressed up the same and according to a theme. You can decide on a special birthday attire to make the person feel more special. You can wear customized shirts with pictures of the person on them; you can decide on a dress code or theme depending upon whether the party is formal or informal.

2. Special meals

Not only the honoree expects to have the best food on their birthday, but the guests coming to make the day memorable also want some good food. Decide what items should be on the menu depending upon the time of the party. Moreover, the place where you choose to celebrate your birthday may also offer you food services so that you can relax and have all the fun with friends.

3. Introduce fun games

Having meals and interacting with the guests sure is fun and surprising, but for making birthday party memorable, these arrangements are not enough. Develop a game plan and decide what types of games you can introduce to engage all the expected guests and the birthday person. When organizing parties indoors, VR games and computer games are the best things you can introduce to the guests.

4. Do not forget the cake

birthday party cake
birthday party cake

Birthday parties are incomplete unless you do not cut the cake; make sure to order the cake once the time for the party is decided. You can also order a customized cake with pictures of the birthday person on it. Once you are done cutting the cake, you should switch to other fun activities so that you have enough time to show your arrangements. Do not spend more than 15 minutes cutting the cake.

5. Invite your closest friends

Things will go smoothly if you have a guest list in your mind and have made all the venue arrangements according to the number of guests. Make sure to invite people that your guest of honor would love to be around and have fun with. If you are arranging a surprise party for your kids, then make sure you are inviting their school friends. Also, make sure to reserve seats for the expected guest at the place you have decided to organize the party to avoid any inconveniences at the moment.

6. Arrange a movie night

After all the celebrations and fun activities, watching your favorite movie in 3D with your loved ones and friends hits differently. If your friends are fond of movies, then it is the best way to make their birthdays memorable by playing their favorite movie. Moreover, arranging birthday parties at places with in-house cinemas and theatres with VR technology is also one of the best ideas to consider. 

7. Go for destination birthdays

Gone are the days when people used to celebrate birthdays at home, nowadays people are more interested in destination birthdays and celebrations. Going to a place that will add up to your happiness and special day celebration is known as a destination birthday party. Make sure the place you choose must not be any quitter, making you feel like you are at someone’s funeral. Your surroundings should be appealing and welcoming to enjoy; you can also buy VR park Dubia tickets to make your birthdays more surprising and fun with various VR games.

Make your birthday party worth remembering!

Whether it is your birthday, your friend’s or the birthday of your family member, you should make it worth remembering and cherishing. You will remember your birthday for lifelong if they are all fun and full of memories. So, make sure to arrange birthdays at places that will add up to your fun, enabling you to create memories.

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