7 Reasons That Make ReactJS Perfect For Web App Development

ReactJS Perfect For Web App Development

The tech world is full of the latest and advanced technologies, frontend and backend frameworks, and libraries with various purposes to fulfill. Hence, it is really significant to comprehend the project requirement to choose the most ideal solution. ReactJS development services for web and app development are becoming popular and widely utilized because of the JavaScript library that provides amazing UI.

A myriad number of developers prefer developing web applications on JavaScript frameworks. There are several JS frameworks used in web app development including AngularJS development, NodeJS development, EmberJS, VueJS, MeteorJS, and ReactJS.

Amongst these, ReactJS for creating web apps is gaining huge popularity. Nowadays, ReactJS is the ideal technology to develop web-based apps.

ReactJS is easy to learn and developers enjoy working with it as well. Many big companies like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Netflix, Airbnb also use ReactJS to run their apps and ReactJS accompanies its own benefits that make it the most chosen technology.

Here are the key benefits of ReactJS:

  • Reusable components
  • Virtual DOM
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Event handling
  • It comes with a useful developer toolset
  • Simple JSX
  • It offers better code stability
  • Convenient state container (Redux)

Reactjs has grown its popularity because it can be used to create top-notch UIs. In this post, learn about the top 7 reasons to choose React.js for web app development.

ReactJS allows merging of context API with HOC

ReactJS offers a content API in return for the information. It passes the gained information from the parent component. ReactJS helps in merging the context API with High-Order Component (HOC) in order to avoid passing props. HOC lets ReactJS reuse the component logic and function by taking one component and by returning a new component.

The lazy loading

It delays a load of an object when required and ReactJS apps can be helped to optimize the loading time. ReactJS here acquires only the data that is needed, it saves bandwidth and loading time.

Code splitting

Code-splitter allows users to download the part of the app that they want. The application here is divided into bundles that are extracted out of chunks, to manage the process internally.

Developer tools

ReactJS uses advanced DevTools such as:

  • Redux: Known for app management. It manages the entire application into a single immutable object.
  • Code Sandbox: It provides configuration options that make the code focus on the development of the mobile app. It does most of the configurations making the system easy to work on.
  • Storybook: It is utilized to create UI components and to view the different conditions of each and every component.
  • Cosmos DevTool: Used to build scalable, reliable, and eye-catchy UI. Cosmos makes it easier to build and post component libraries.
  • React-Bootstrap: It is highly utilized to build a UI foundation.

SEO performance

JavaScript-based SPA is used by developers to overcome the concerns related to full page loading. Facebook, Yahoo, Netflix, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. among many other big companies use ReactJS development services to resolve the page load issues and to boost their online business more efficiently. For any Reactjs development company, this is the common thing that a client focuses on.

JavaScript XML

JS XML is used to create react elements that are then rendered to the react DOM. Developers usually prefer it as visual assistance while they work with JavaScript code.

Context API & context in React

Context API is utilized to build global variables and these variables can be used everywhere in a React application. Context uses Redux for a lighter solution for state management.

Wrapping up

The above-mentioned points are just a few advantages that developers leverage to create high-level solutions. ReactJS has gained popularity and is widely used among developers around the world. It has a strong community that is always resolving problems. It is advanced, responsive, and non-risky technology to develop large-scale & user-friendly web and mobile applications for businesses. Startups can gain more with ReactJS as it assists them to build long-term solutions.

The prime objective of ReactJS development services is that it handles the entire process of writing components and also provides advanced developers tools to effectively deal with the development process. It’s ideal to choose an experienced web app development company so that a powerful solution can be built.

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