7 Makeup Tips for Groom to Look Flawless on Wedding Day

Makeup Tips for Groom

Wedding days are special and we all know this, so it is very important that you dress and look well on this day. Now, we often discuss how important it is for the bride to look stunning in her attire and makeup, but we never talk about the groom. One of the many things that are incredibly underappreciate is the groom’s makeup.

The groom makeup should not just be limited to face wash, face cream and balm but it should also include other necessary essentials like spas, threading, facials, waxing and the other things. Moreover, there are plenty of great men parlour near me in which you can easily fix an appointment with the assistance of book my salon apps. Here, you don’t even have to get down to the salon for fixing and appointment, you can easily do it just by sitting at your place. Here, we will get to know about some of the makeup tips for the grooms.

7 Makeup Tips for grooms to look flawless

Here are the 7 makeup tips that should be followed by the groom to make them look flawless on their wedding day:

1. Hydration

Consumption of all that alcohol in your bachelor’s party might end up making your skin look dull. All you need to do is allow the water to keep flowing inside you so that it keeps you clean from inside and which will affect the smoothness of your skin.

Drinking plenty of water will provide you with that extra glow and freshness. So, keep in your mind that you are required to drink about 5 to 6 litres of water everyday and keep yourself hydrated.

2. Avoid the Chemicals

Chemicals like Phthalates, paraben are very dangerous. And these are the chemicals that are present in your face wash and creams. Hitherto, you must stop experimenting on your skin by using other types of products on your skin. You must go for herbal moisturizer, sunscreens and other herbal products. As, the chemicals will take away all the shine from your face and will make it look dry and dull.

3. Rub & Scrub

The makeup of the groom is incomplete if we skip the exfoliation part. Elimination of the dead skin cells from the face is a very important step and we should do it twice a week.

Additionally, the groom must massage their neck and if they have a beard, then it should be extended to 10 more seconds making sure that the product gets in contact with the skin. One of the best things to be done here are use the herbal products like curd, besan, honey and other similar products, this will assist in creating a homemade exfoliator.

4. Preparation of the hair

While the complete attention is towards the dressings and fittings, you must not forget to choose the best preparation for your hair. If you wish to color your hair, then take the help of the best professional and then choose the color that suits your hair and matches your complexion.

Go for a haircut a month before your wedding so that you can avoid any mishap and when once tested, you can go for the same during the time of the wedding. Also, do not forget to take proper care of your beard and moustache before your main day. Don’t try to experiment anything new the day before the wedding.

5. Consume Good food

Good food here means the green leafy vegetables, healthy fruits, whole grains, legumes and other similar food. These healthy foods will help you in attaining a healthy face. They will surely make a large difference in the way you look and the way you feel.

6. Keep your oral hygiene perfect

Do not forget to polish up the natural and normal teeth so that you don’t get your partner complaining about your bad breath. Always keep the fact in your mind that only your million dollar smile will make you shine in front of everyone else. You can try many home remedies or go for the market products to keep your teeth shining and beautiful.

7. Skin care

Another major thing you need to take care of is maintain your skin care routine so that you don’t end up getting those breakouts before your special day. Make sure to go to the dermatologist and get to know whether your skin requires any urgent attention. One of the most important part of the grooming is to have healthy skin. So, keep on moisturizing your skin and do the best you can for your skin.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for the Wedding day

Let’s have a look upon the benefits that you will receive if you choose the best professionals for your wedding day:

  • They will provide you with a natural look and will make you look very appealing on the camera.
  • They will only use the professional products for your grooming and will only use the stuff that will be good for the type of your skin.
  • They are the professionals so they are perfect in avoiding the flaws, hence, they will provide you with a blunder free service and a flawless look.

How to Book Online Salon Makeup Appointment?

Grooming is something that should be perfect on the wedding day, the entire look of the groom is based upon the grooming and makeup which is why it is very important to select the right salon for the wedding.

Now, with the assistance of the best salon booking apps, you can also search for men’s salon at home or salon at home for men to book an appointment for yourself. Similarly, if you also want to book an appointment for your bride, you can go find women’s salon at home. In fact, there are many salon booking apps like Zoylee, where you can easily book an appointment.

Follow these steps to book an appointment:

  1. Open the salon appointment app and select the salon you want to visit.
  2. After visiting the salon, you need to select the grooming and makeup services that you want to take.
  3. After selecting the services, select the time slot you want to receive the appointment at.
  4. After selecting the timing, you can finally get a grooming and makeup appointment at your doorstep.


Grooming is very important, especially during the wedding day. This is why all the grooms should take care of their skin and make proper arrangements for their makeup. we can hire professionals to make things better, so fix an appointment and get the assistance of the best professionals through the best Book My Salon apps just by sitting in the comfort of your home. Additionally, if you are having trouble planning your wedding preparations then you can also opt for salon booking services. Apps like Zoylee, Yes Madam, urban company provides salon services at your doorstep.

Additionally, if you want to visit a salon around you, then you can go and book an appointment through Zoylee because this is the platform that lets you book both services (at home, or at the salon).


What are the advantages of at-home salons for the groom?

Convenience: At-home salons come to your home, so you don’t have to waste time traveling to and from a traditional salon. This is especially convenient for grooms who are busy or who have difficulty getting around.
Personalization: At-home salons typically provide more personalized service than traditional salons. The groomer will have your full attention and will be able to customize the services to meet your specific needs.
Relaxation: Getting groomed in your own home is a much more relaxing experience than going to a salon. You can wear whatever you want, listen to your own music, and take breaks as needed.
Affordability: At-home salons are often more affordable than traditional salons. This is because they have lower overhead costs.
Privacy: Getting groomed in your own home is more private than going to a salon. You won’t have to worry about other people seeing you in your robe or towel.

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