7 Eco-Friendly Gifts To Order Online in India

Eco-Friendly Gifts

No one can refuse the fact that pollution has destroyed the mother earth. The emission of poisonous gases from industries, vehicles, and medicinal decays is the major cause of pollution which has led to the deteriorating rate of human health. Apart from this, the use of plastic bottles, polythene bags, and plastic bags are equally responsible for a harmful environment. So, this time if you are purchasing a gift for someone special, consider giving a gift that keeps on giving to the environment. Gift-giving is a fun activity. Gifts are a medium of love that makes the recipient happy and put a smile on his or her face. Further, to help you in this drill of sustainability, here’s a list of some eco-friendly gifts online. Give a check as these are small steps that count the most.

Top eco-friendly gifting ideas for your near ones

Air purifying indoor plants

Today more and more people are shifting towards indoor greens. Air purifying plants not just add a pop of color in the house, but also give the recipient purified air to breathe in. So, this year try gifting greens on any special occasion. Plants online are filled with stunning greens that come in cute vases. Choose one that you find best for loved ones. It could be anything from a lucky bamboo to a money plant that brings good luck and charm to the receiver.

Tote bags

Bags are a fashion statement for girls. Thus, one of the best eco-friendly gifts for your college-going friend or corporate lady could be a pair of tote bags. These tote bags come in long handles, which eases the carrier while they are out shopping for groceries, clothes, or vegetables. Besides, these bags from same day delivery are made of thick cloth and are durable, which makes minimal use of polythene or paper bags while shopping.

Natural skincare products

If your girl is an avid lover of skincare essentials and keeps on purchasing branded products every time. Then, picking up some natural ingredient-based skincare products could be a win-win situation. This would keep her skin free from chemicals and close to nature. You can find such hampers at affordable prices with gifts online.

Cork yoga mat

If your brother is a fitness enthusiast who does yoga at home by himself, then gift him a yoga mat made up of cork material. This will be a thoughtful eco-friendly gift for his healthcare regime. And he will enjoy his yoga sessions a lot more with this cork mat. Check them with online portals and you can even grab some discounts on them.

Reusable straws

If you have a travel-loving friend who is a cold drink lover or heading somewhere hot, you can’t go wrong with a reusable straw. The plastic straws that are given to you along with cold drinks or coffee are not only non-biodegradable but are also harmful to nature. So, go online shopping and check for a pair of steel straws that can be cleaned after every use.

Solar phone charger

If your boyfriend is a bit careless when it comes to charging his phone, then a solar charger would be a useful gift for him. Especially, in India where the weather is almost hot every year, this charger would be a great hit. You can check them online to find the best.

Stainless steel drink bottle

This is an inexpensive, safe to drink, long-lasting gift. These eco-friendly drink bottles serve perfect for any family member who wants to keep their drinks hot or cold whenever they are heading outside. There are plenty of brands available online, choose the one that fits you.

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Final verdict

Hope you found some sustainable gift ideas to keep your near ones healthy. By gifting these fabulous eco-friendly options, you are taking care of the earth as well. So, why wait? It’s time you take an initiative to save the earth as well as your family and friends.

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