7 Benefits of Education Live Streams and How To Make Them Work For You

Education Live Streaming Platform

The world has been going more and more digital for a while and has left no industry untouched with its benefits. The education industry is no less and especially in these times, when the pandemic has turned the world upside down, the need to adopt technology in classrooms has never been more relevant.

This article will take you through what live streaming is, what its benefits to education are, and how to get the maximum benefits out of living streaming for you and your audience.

Before we dive in, let’s understand what live streaming or video streaming, especially for the purpose of education is all about. It is a solution that delivers educational content to various platforms live, as it happens. Instead of being recorded and then delivered post-event, this lets your audience watch the classes as they unfold.

7 Benefits of using Live Streaming Services for Education

Even without the pandemic, learning had been going digital for a while. With recorded videos and classes available on various online platforms geared for education, more and more people were able to access this content. However, the interactions, peer groups, and presentations that an in-person class provided were missing. These are essential aspects of learning that students and teachers both need.

When platforms brought out technology that allowed live streaming of classes, a lot of this was taken care of as well as reaping other benefits. Some of them are:

Save Money and Boost ROI

Live streaming classes do away with the whole rigmarole of post-production editing, stitching videos together, finding ways to distribute, etc. This saves a significant bit of cost leading to better ROI.

·                       Content Repurposing

Once streamed live, the video can still be archived for other students to access. In addition, you can create small bytes, or short videos for specific bits, letting you repurpose the content that you have created.

·                       Remote and Virtual Learning is Possible

With live streaming and access to education video platform from anywhere in the world, learning no longer has to be a compromised solution. While it is remote and virtual, making it live and interactive helps keep classes interesting and the education industry can cater to more people.

·                       Real-time interaction

This is one of the biggest advantages that the live streaming feature offers in education. Since teachers can have live Q&A or even small group discussions, the traditional setbacks of educational videos being a one-way medium of interactions are eliminated.

·                       Massive reach

The world today is much smaller thanks to digitization. With live streaming of classes on multiple platforms, you get massive reach, with people being able to access your educational content from the farthest corners of the world.

·                       Students learn more

Since these are live streams on educational platforms that are interactive, students learn much more than they would have with pre-recorded videos. Not just that, with diversity in the classroom because of its reach, it opens up their mind to more perspectives than it would have otherwise.

·                       A powerful way to reach millennials

Millennials spend a massive chunk of their time online. When trying to reach them, it will be better to do it using platforms they are familiar with and keen on. This makes live streaming classrooms a very powerful way to reach them and keep recall value strong.

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Maximizing High-Quality Live Streaming for Education

While the benefits are there to be enjoyed, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success when deciding to live-stream classes.

·       Creativity

Since live streaming is still done virtually, you have the advantage of being in front of many people, but not right in front of you when you can see them. Let your creative juices flow and get as unique as you would like to hook your students.

Use creative storytelling, video resources to get your point across.

·       Engagement

Another metric to focus on is engagement. Using more than just your voice to keep the students interested is a wonderful tactic. Interesting slides, games, other resources will all make classes an enjoyable exercise for everyone and give your vocal cords a break!

·       Real-Time Interaction

The benefit that in-person classrooms have over video methods is real-time interaction. This can easily be incorporated into your live video streams by incorporating quick questions, encouraging students to weigh in with their thoughts as well as keeping the chatbox open for observations. You can then set aside time to discuss these observations during the stream so everyone feels included.

· High-Level Communication

The essential element that you need to keep in mind is keeping lines of communication open. Since the live stream should not feel like your students are just watching a pre-recorded video, giving them revision material, asking and giving quick recaps when needed, making sure your students and you are in sync is important. Giving them some form of access to you to communicate their needs will also help.

In Summary

Live streaming is an innovative solution to traditional video classrooms where they provide the feeling of being in class while it happens as well as allowing for real-time interactions. This is a powerful way to increase the reach of your classes and make them accessible to anyone, no matter where they might be in the world.

Not just that, you will find that your engagement levels will rise quickly and with better reach. All of this with far lower costs and a simpler, more intuitive setup allows you to focus on what you do best: Teach!

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