6 Reasons Why Start-up Businesses Should Embrace Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Small businesses tend to think that they don’t need to compete in the online world. The truth is everyone has access online. From 2019 to 2020, people spent an average of more than 9 hours a day in the online world (Tankovska 2021). If everyone’s online, why shouldn’t you? Let’s discuss more about digital marketing to give you more ideas.

Digital Marketing covers all possible marketing methods using the internet and electronic devices. It can be summarized with 7 main categories including: 

  • Content Marketing- focused on distributing valuable and informative content in the online community to drive people to avail products and services. 
  • Search Engine Optimization- the process of improving the visibility of your website, so people can easily find your business online.
  • Pay-per-Click- is when a business uses search engines to gain site visits. For example, if your website is clicked, you’ll have to pay the search engine a small amount. Don’t worry because a click may result in multiple purchases so it’s a win-win situation.
  • Marketing Analytics- is when marketers measure and analyze the marketing performance of a business to maximize its full potential.
  • Social Media Marketing- uses social media networks to market certain products and services. 
  • Email Marketing- advertising products and services, through messages and emails sent to a large group of people at once. They usually have email listings of people who may or may not have subscribed to them.
  • Mobile Marketing- promoting business through mobile technology such as location services, which enables personalized ads for customers.

Still not convinced? Here are 6 reasons why you should not turn your back on digital marketing.

digital marketing

1. You can easily approach your target market

If your customers are local, you can start by signing up to social media accounts widely used in the area like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you have no idea where to sign up, you should ask your neighbors or friends what social media platforms they are using. Remember to create posts that are relevant to your business, and also attract customers. You can also hire a social media manager to guide you through the process. Don’t be pressured to use all possible types of digital marketing, and just stick to the basics at first.

2. Your competitors are online

If you won’t go online, there’s a slim chance that customers will find you. Yes, people in the neighborhood will know about your business but it’s not enough. You need a wider range of people who’ll know more about your business. Besides, you might not be the only one with that kind of business so before customers find you, they may already have purchased from the others.

3. Customers will have easy access

Instead of going to your store, customers can just chat with you online for inquiries. People don’t go to physical stores just to ask questions anymore unless they are just nearby. What they do now is to search online or chat to know the answers, and the same goes for your end. You can easily post your schedule and other related information to keep them updated. 

4. You can get new ideas

Since customers can easily like, comment, and share your posts, it’s also easy to leave comments, questions, and suggestions so always be careful with your service. The good thing about this is that you can also access your competitors’ profiles. That way, you’ll know what are the common mistakes and new trends in this line of business.

5. Competition is equal

Sure, some businesses have been online longer than yours but it’s about being active and having good customer service. With a good marketing strategy, you can be at the top in no time. Make sure that your customers know that you value them by giving discounts and incentives. You should also keep them posted on what’s new with your business. 

6. Keep track of the development

As mentioned before, you can use marketing analytics to measure and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. You can also evaluate the progress of your business every step of the way. It will also help you to know which area you are going to focus on more. 

Now that you know a lot more about digital marketing, you must be convinced to go online. Go ahead, and start your business journey in the online world. Don’t forget to comment below on what you think about digital marketing! 

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