6 Important Tools for Online English Classes Success

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Are you looking for online English lesson success tools? Every teacher in the world have one of the major aims is that his or student give proper focus to their learning. If you are reading this blog means you want to know how to teach online. In this digital world, we all are using high-tech gadgets to complete our all personal and professional activities. Thanks to technology that makes online teachings possible. There is a lot of difference between online and offline classes. You have to make many changes in your online teachings as compare to offline. So you should learn important tools for online classes. These tools help you to make your online classes comfortable. As we all know that there is a number of students who learn online English to Spanish, English to French, and many more.

These all are important languages that help a student in his professional life. After learning these languages a professional can communicate in his client language otherwise you have to go to translation Services Company so you should learn languages. These online classes are too interactive for students and teachers. Teaching a language online using these tools offers you more flexibility with your students.

In this blog post, we are going to teach you all these tools. After reading this article you will truly get valuable knowledge about online teachings. We will discuss all practical aspects that you know while giving online English lessons. These all tools and tips are making better your online learning environment.

6 Important Tools for Online English Lessons Success:

1. Video Conferencing Software:

When thinking first about online classes this is the first and most important tool that you should use. As we all know Skype is a popular app for video conferencing. Skype supports your computer as well as smartphone. Nobody is there in this world that doesn’t have all these smart gadgets. Video conferencing has many potential features that make your online classes more interactive and beneficial for students. Another video conferencing software is Zoom and you can record your lessons in this. These recorded lessons help your students for future revision. You can use a built-in whiteboard, share video, and robust setting.

Sharing video help you a lot to help other student and there is no need to use the TogetherTube tool. Zoom software provides you group option for an unlimited duration on your first paid level. You can add up to 100 people for group classes. If you use paid version then you can access many functions but in the free version, there are limited functions are available. You can separate small groups of students for online classes for their speaking practice. Anytime teacher can listen to their student’s speaking and note the mistakes to improve their learning. There is other software that helps you to make video conferencing such as Whereby or Microsoft teams.

2. Tools for making Note during Lessons

Every student makes notes of important lessons as we were done in an earlier time but in this 21 century, we make all our notes digital form like a worksheet. Using the above software we can record all the notes for further revision. Many teachers and students use Google docs for storing important information. You can provide all notes by a shareable link to you all online students. You can make these sheets viewable and editable as per your need that helps your student to view all important data and makes notes also.

Sometimes while taking online classes some students listen to an incorrect point but these Google sheets help you, students, to correct after the class. You can give assignments by using these tools. Students can submit their writing tasks using these sheets and after submission, you can easily correct them.

3. Screen Share:

These days screen share helps a lot while online English classes as compare to traditional teachings. This effectively gives results when you are watching an online tutorial. You can screenshot or download the clip while viewing the lecture. Using Zoom you have an option to share a screen to show your students. Just tap on the share sound button and both of you can watch online videos. You can make some quizzes and other activities of particular lessons for analysis of the learning growth of your students.

These activities may include comprehension discussion-based questions. Even you can write all the improving points after listening to the presentation of your students. You can also use some sites like ELLLO (English listening library online), Real English, and some famous YouTube channels like Rachel’s English and English with Lucy for English learners via videos.

4. Scheduling Software:

This tool is very important for online teaching to take live classes without missing a single lecture. There are many tools such as Calendly, Book Like A Boss, Acuity, and many more. There all software will help you to save time. This will help you to find suitable online classes. Many teachers who are taking online classes are using it and share their booking page link in groups so that their students got alert for class schedule and select the convenient time slot. There is no need to make any kind of website to communicate with your students.

This tool helps you to send confirmation to your student with the lecture period and other information data. They are so easy to set up, use and even there is no need to send reminders to your student for the classes. These scheduling tasks work even when you are not online position.

5. Offline Resources:

No doubt, in this digital world we want to do every task digitally but we should also remember the offline resources. Traditional teachings are also giving much learning like homework tasks. You should give some assignments for a particular chapter. Tell them some important grammar or textbooks to improve their learning. You should guide them to some reputable sites like British Council Learn English, English Club and many more. We all know that your student’s progress is not only dependent on the online classes. There are some short story books and materials that enhance the growth level.

6. Chat Apps:

When you are giving an online lecture to your student you need to talk about the difficulties that they are facing during learning so we need some Chat Apps. There are many apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram that help you to discuss all problems of your students. You can talk and message your students via these Apps whichever is suitable for you. Many online teachers take doubt-clear sessions after completing their specific lesson. It will help their student to focus on all the topics correctly. Even students give their feedbacks after taking the lecture online. So that teacher can improve their teaching style according to the requirement of students.

Final Thoughts

I am hoping that after reading this blog post you really get all answers to the questions that you have earlier before reading. These 6 essential tools help you a lot in online English teaching. They make it so simple and easy to provide online classes without the need for any expensive gadgets. These tools are also free and easily available. Many students who are learning English to Spanish, English to French, and many more use all these software for their online classes. After learning these languages there is no need to go to a translation Services Company for their services. You just need to focus on your teaching only. There is no worry of any kind of hardware setups, Gadgets.