6 Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Messaging


Nowadays texting is more than just a mode of communication — it’s a way of life. Everyone loves texting and some even prefer it over calls and has become one of the easiest and main modes of communication. One of the major reasons is that it is convenient. For those who are hesitant of talking on the phone, messaging has become a lifesaver. It is also very useful when you are in a public place and talking isn’t an option. 

It totally makes sense to gift someone who loves messaging, fun smartphone gifts for the holidays. Things that will help them type better, fast, and assist will surely bring a smile to their face. Whether it’s matching smartphone cases or portable power banks, here are some of the best gifts to give someone who just loves texting/messaging.

1.    Hindi Keyboard App

A keyboard app that anyone who downloads it will surely love, Bharat keyboard’s Hindi keyboard app is a delight for messaging lovers. With in-built AI, typing becomes very simple assisted by auto-correction and word suggestions. Swipe typing and speech-to-text features give an effortless typing experience. The fact that this keyboard is made in India and crafted specifically by Hindi speakers, gives an assurance of its accuracy and reliability.

Marathi keyboard download comes with many advantages that people who like messaging would adore. Firstly it can be synonymously called an Emoji keyboard or a Hindi sticker keyboard. The keyboard gives automatic emoji suggestions and the option to choose from hundreds of specially designed emojis. They are more lively and convey your emotions without the need for words.

Stickers are an important part of our messaging experience. I had lost my mind when I changed phones and my Whatsapp sticker collection was lost. If I, not even being crazy about messaging could be upset about such a thing, then how will someone who is, feel? This is why the Hindi keyboard has hundreds of sticker packs for them to use. Since these are accessible from the keyboard, it will never be lost. You can make avatars, GIFs, and animated stickers. Convert words up to 25 characters into stickers called Pop-texts. They can replace your regular lines with a lot of fun.

Further enhancing the messaging experience, jokes, quotes, and Shayaris can be sent with just a click. There is a lot of content on the keyboard, that will make you stand out from others. A lot of time is saved since you don’t have to think much about what to write. Hindi keyboard is the best Hindi typing keyboard App on Playstore and suggesting them to your friends will be the best gift you can give them.

Gifts for People Who Love Messaging

2.    PopSockets

POp Socket

Popsockets give a very cool look to your smartphone and also helps one to keep their phone steady and stable. So it can be very useful to someone who texts a lot as they can hold their phone with a consistent grip and type faster and also use pop sockets as a phone stand horizontally for viewing videos or movies. It can be bought in many various shapes, designs and also can be customized if someone really wants to.

3.    Portable Power Bank

Power Bank

Everyone who texts a lot and uses their phone on a daily basis always tends to have their phone’s battery drained during the day and it can be really annoying if you’re texting your friend and your phone just dies on you. That’s why these types of gifts are perfect. Toss it and a charger into your bag and you have power wherever you go. And you won’t even have to find a power outlet too if you have this portable power bank in your bag or with you.

4.    Smartphone stand


This is another gift which is really useful too. A stand can help one use their phone without even holding it as it’s not possible to hold a phone all day so they can just place their phone on the stand and continue to text and operate the phone without any problem. A stand also sets the perfect angle for video calling and also charging their phone by passing on the cable through the hole.

5.    Emoji Keychains

Emoji Keychains

It is possible that while texting and walking, your friends might forget the keys to their vehicle or house. A keychain brings instant attention to the keys. Bright and attractive ones like Emoji keychains will keep their eyes on the keychain itself, rather than their phones.

This is a one can also use and have for fun as it looks like emojis that one use while texting and whoever uses emojis a lot will definitely love them and would not be shy to use them as a keychain and they’re really cheap as well and also comes in various types and colors of emojis.

6.    Emoji Smartphone Case

Emoji Case

People who love texting love their phones. They buy the best-looking phone and protect it from any kind of harm. If you can make their phone look better, they will love you for it.

An Emoji Smartphone case is really a unique and special gift one can get for someone who loves texting. Cases like these will make their phone look really cool and unique, unlike other plain and simple cases.  There are many designs and design based on the personality of the person can also be gifted. Personalized smartphone cases are also available these days. Put the design of the person’s movie posters, song, place, or quotes.

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