5 Tips On How To Wear And Care For Your Wigs

Wear And Care For Your Wigs

Care for your wigs, for it will last long.

With different trends of hairstyles, many people prefer wearing wigs as it is easier to style them. Also, wearing wigs won’t damage the texture of real hair. Wigs have been worn from ancient Egypt when the royal family used them to pronounce their position. Since then, the art of wearing has been in trend. However, to make your wig last long, you will need to take care of it. You can change your looks while wearing wigs, and to top it off, you can get the best suitable wig for yourself and showcase your personality. So, please read further for tips to take care of your wigs and make them super versatile. 

  1. Trimming The Lace To Shape Well. 

Blend your lace with your skin tone to make it look real.

Are you a beginner at wearing wigs? Don’t worry, you will get through and will be able to achieve the perfect looks. Just start by adjusting the wig on your head until you are happy with where it is placed. Then with a sharp scissor, trim the lace. To do that, you have to start from the middle of your forehead, which is near the hairline, then slowly and steadily go down from the forehead to frame your face. Make sure you don’t cut off the baby hairs, as those will help your wig look realistic. 

  1. Keep It Natural 

Popping colors are beautiful, but make it natural. 

Wearing a wig is something anybody can do, but making them look real and natural should be your number one goal. Then, of course, the rest follows. If you are a consistent wig wearer, you need to know how to make the wig look natural. To do that, you have to make sure that the wig that you buy matches the color of your skin tone. Wearing a dark-colored wig can make you look pale, and a super brightly-colored wig will look fake. However, if you can wear a wig with the same color as your natural hair, it will look real. So, go for natural  looking wigs and flaunt your looks!

  1. Caring For Your Wig. 

Washing :

Wash it often and mimic the idea of your real hair.

Periodically washing your wig is one of the foremost steps in taking care of your wig. You should wash your wig after around ten times of wearing it. Before applying shampoo, you have to brush your wig with a wide-tooth comb and detangle the knots formed on your wig. Then, add a little amount of wig shampoo to a bowl filled with cold water. Immerse the wig inside the bowl and gently stir your wig. Gently rub the scalp and the wig cap to remove oils and swear. Then put it under running water and rinse it till it runs clear. 


Conditioning your wig will make it sleek and shiny.

While your wig is damp, apply a small amount of conditioner and spread it through all the strands of your wig. Keep in mind to avoid applying conditioner on your wig cap as it will loosen the knots and cause hair fall. After gently applying it throughout your wig, keep it for a few minutes and rinse it off. You have to use cold water for both the process as hot water can cause damage and breakage for your hair.


Air-dry has always been a choice among the customers.

Now that you know the steps to wash and condition your wig, it’s time for drying. After rinsing off the conditioner with cold water, with a towel, absorb the water. Don’t squeeze or wring the wig as it will cause breakage and damage. Then, dry your wig on a wig stand and let it get air-dried. A wig stand is recommended for the drying process as it allows the air to circulate the wig fully. 

  1. Knowing Your Styling Products.

Use the same products for your wigs and be consistent.

 You have to be consistent while using the hair products. Using the same brand of products for your wig will increase the lifespan and lessen the damage. It is best if you have all the products ready. The products you will need to style your wig are; hair spray, heat resistant spray, and low heating tools. Get those styling products ready and style the wig with your creativity.

  1. Styling Your Wigs. 

Style your wigs in the way you want to slay your looks. 

After you have washed and dried your wig, it is now time for styling, like all the best things kept at last. wholesale hair extensions might be one of the processes where everyone enjoys doing it. For that, your main goal should be to style it to create a natural look. So for that, first, put on your wig and let it fit on Your head comfortably. Then pull the wig from all the sides to cover your wig cap. With the help of a bobby pin, hold the wig in place. After completion of these steps, get your styling tools in action. Spray some heat protection throughout your wig. Then with the help of heating tools, you can either curl it or make your wig straight. Go for any look that you want!

Wigs will last longer if you give the right care, like your natural hair. With the change of fashion in the modern generation, the number of wig-wearers is increasing as well. You can do almost every style with your wigs and turn your wig into a whole work of art. However, one thing from ancient Egypt remains the same; if you want your wig to last longer, you have to care for it!

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