Top 5 Profitable Cash Crops In India to Make Big Money

Cash Crops In India

Cash Crops in India Agriculture has an essential place in the Indian economy. This is the backbone of our country. 70% of India’s population is dependent on agriculture for food and money. The crop’s cultivation mainly depends on the coil and weather conditions. 

Today we are talking about cash crops. As per the name, it is the most profitable crop in India, which helps you to make a lot of money. A cash crop sold in the market is cultivated to make a profit from the sale. Today most of the crops grown around the World are cash crops grown for sale in national and international markets. Most of the cash crops grown in developing countries are sold at a better price to developed countries. Famous cash crops include Coffee, tea, cocoa, Cotton and Sugarcane.

Top 5 Cash Crops in India

Following are the popular cash crops in India:- 

1. Sugarcane 

The cash crop list starts with Sugarcane. Hence, Sugarcane is the most important and popular cash crop in India. This cash crop is Rabi and Kharif crops. It is a perennial grass and an essential part of the Poaceae family and primarily cultivated for its juice from which sugar is processed. Most of the Sugarcane is grown in subtropical and tropical areas of India. 

  • India stands at the second position in the production of Sugarcane. 
  • Sugarcane requires a long rainy season, around 75-100 cm rainfall. 
  • The temperature between 21-27°C with a humid and hot climate is perfect for Sugarcane sugar, Gur (jaggery), Khansari and molasses.
  • Deep rich loamy soil is suitable for Sugarcane. 
  • Sugarcane is used to make 
  • Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Bihar are higher producers of Sugarcane. 

2. Tea 

The following cash crop in India is Tea. Tea is a largely consumed drink in India and widely grown in tropical and subtropical areas. It is an evergreen plant and labour intensive crop. The tea plant requires more rainfall, but its roots cannot bear the accumulated water. Hence it needs sloping areas. 

  • India has 2nd positions in the production and consumption of tea. 
  • Tea requires temperature between  20-30°C and rainfall around 150-300cm. 
  • It was introduced by the British to the eastern mountain slopes of India. 
  • Deep and fertile, well-drained soil, rich in humus and organic matter, are perfect for tea planting.
  • It requires abundant, cheap and skilled labour. 
  • The tea is processed within the tea plantation to maintain its freshness.
  • Assam, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu are major tea producing Indian states. 

3. Coffee

The list continues with Coffee. Coffee is the second-best cash crop in India as widely exported to other counties. Usually, Coffee is a brewed drink that is prepared with roasted coffee beans. After tea, Coffee is a widely consumed drink in India. 

  • India has 3rd position in coffee production and the third-largest exporter of Coffee in Asia. 
  • Also, the country is the sixth-largest producer and fifth-largest exporter of Coffee in the World. 
  • Coffee requires 15-28°C temperature and around 150-250 cm rainfall. 
  • Well, drained, deep friable loamy soil is perfect for coffee plants. 
  • The Coffee was initially brought from Yemen and offered on Baba Budan Hills.
  • Arabica coffee is an Indian variety that is renowned throughout the World.
  • Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala are the top coffee-producing states in India. 

4. Cotton 

The next crop on the list is Cotton. It is a Kharif crop that is widely used in the textile industry and also makes clothes..

  • Cotton farming requires 21-30°C temperature and around 50-100 cm rainfall.  
  • The well-drained black cotton soil of Deccan Plateau is perfect for Cotton. 
  • India is the home country of the cotton plant. 
  • Cotton requires 210 frost-free days and strong sunlight for its growth.
  • Gujarat, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Rajasthan are India’s highest Cotton producing states. 

5. Rubber 

The last on the list is rubber. Rubber is a tropical tree crop that is mainly grown for the industrial production of latex. It is the primary industrial product derived from the latex from several trees belonging to the genus Hevea.

  • For rubber farming, temperature above 25°C with moist and humid climate and over 200 cm rainfall is perfect. 
  • Rich, well-drained alluvial soil type is suitable for rubber cultivation. 
  • Usually, rubber is an equatorial crop. But in some special conditions, it can easily grow in tropical and subtropical areas.
  • Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka are the largest producers of rubber in India. 

These are some great cash crops that are beneficial and profitable and provide high profit. 

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