5 Famous Celebrities Who Love Cigars

 love cigars

Cigars have been a common trend in Hollywood. Most Hollywood celebrities love cigars. Not only in movies but also real life, many Hollywood A-listers are seen enjoying a cigar.

For most celebrities smoking a cigar is like a celebration. They sport cigars to make themselves feel good and relaxed. 

The cigar has quality, quality, and passion. A fine cigar takes you to another level of satisfaction. Cigar can be the cause of cancer.

From a long time, the trend of cigars has been prevalent among celebrities. Endless celebrities are known to smoke cigars. Many times, stars are captured by cameras sporting a cigar.  

5 Celebrities Who Love Cigar

Here are five Hollywood celebrities who love cigars and their choice of brands and types of a cigar.

  1. Tom Cruise 

The Hollywood hunk, Tom Cruise, has been a cigar suitor. The handsome hunk enjoys his free time smoking premium cigars. Tom Cruise is known as the cigar amigo on several occasions. The actor famous for his roles in Oblivion, Jack Reacher, The Mummy, has an old connection to cigars.

The actor is known to have a lavish lifestyle with a cigar the staple that differentiates him. Tom cruise has various cigar accessories. The Mission Impossible star prefers premium cigars like Dutch Masters and Acid Cigars. According to cigar journals, Cohibas is known to be his favourite brand. He has several connections with tobacconists in London and Geneva.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger is quite famous not only for his roles in films but also in the world of the cigar. He has glamorized cigar as no one else. His fans and co-actors have followed him to become a cigar puff buff following his footsteps. 

The former California governor who was once a famous actor has been spotted smoking a cigar on several occasions. Some of the branded famous cigars sported by him include Camacho Cigars, Acid Cigars, Cohiba, Swisher Sweets. The famous actor who starred in Terminator, predator, and twins is spotted with a cigar regularly. The actor has also been seen in world-famous cigar clubs including Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills.

  • Rihanna

The highly talented singer known for her hits like “This is what you came for”, diamonds, we found love and others. Rihanna is seen smoking cigars in many of her music videos. The singer also posts her pictures on Instagram while smoking a cigar. 

The Grammy award winner enjoys cigars and is seen smoking one on several occasions like parties, with friends, or while shoots. Custom cigars are a common trend followed by most celebrities these days. They look classier. The singer and songwriter love relaxing while enjoying her favourite Cohiba Comador and Dutch Master’s brands. In her music video- Can’t remember to forget you, she is spotted enjoying cigar brands like Gurkha, Cohiba Corona, and other premium brands.

  • Sylvester Stallone

Who doesn’t know the Rocky of Hollywood? The celebrity is also a cigar aficionado. 

The stud actor has ruled the industry with his action films for more than forty years. The actor is still going strong with his movies.

The 74-year old Stallone has been an inspiration to his fans to stay fit and healthy. The actor as uncommon he is with his roles as is his unique choice of cigars. He has his collection of rarest cigars. The actor has created some of the most iconic roles, such as John Rambo and Barney Ross. His favourite cigar is Arturo Fuentes Opus X. It is an exquisite hand-rolled cigar. 

  • Michael Jordan

A professional basketball player, Michael Jordan has been a legendary player. His exceptional acting in Space Jam (1996). Jordan has been clicked many times with a cigar in hand. The actor loves sporting a puff.

The player is such a big fan of smoking cigars that he refers to himself as an avid cigar smoker. According to sources, the actor smokes six cigars every day. 

His selection of premium cigars includes Arturo Fuente, Montecristo, Gurkha, and Camacho Cigars. He is an appreciator of Cuban cigars. He and his wife love smoking while travelling.

Whether before a game or after a match, the 6-time NBA champion Michael Jordan loves enjoying a cigar.

Bottom Line

The smoking cigar has been a fad in the Hollywood industry for a long time. These were some celebrities who enjoy the thrilling experience of smoking a cigar. There’s a thing with the choice of renowned celebrities and their selection of branded famous cigars. Most stars are a firm believer of the fact that smoking cigars help them perform their role better. 

Apart from releasing excess stress, smoking a cigar helps them relax and give their best. Many other Hollywood A-listers like Jennifer Lopez, Chriss Pratt, Jay-Z, Demi Moore, Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr love cigars. Great actors cherish and live their life at the moment with a cigar in their hand.

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