20 Compelling Bathroom Design Ideas for Every Bathroom Size


Bathrooms are one of the more intimate rooms in the house. People are at their most vulnerable and exposed state. Finding a bathroom that perfectly fits you, your style and your budget can be tricky, but below you will find some examples of bathroom designs ideas that will cater to everyone’s taste.

Bedroom X Bathroom

bathroom 1

What’s better than a bathroom connected to your bedroom? If you’re the type of person who likes flowing spaces with no concern for privacy, this arrangement is for you!

Checkered Bathroom

bathroom 2

Classical checker-ed tiles are a classic for a reason. Walking into a bathroom with checker-ed tiles will definitely spark some familiarity and nostalgia. It is usually used in small spaces to preserve the cozy and vintage feel.

Big Master Bathroom

bathroom 3

Big master bedrooms need even bigger master bathrooms. A complimentary bathroom design space with two sinks, two toilets, a large shower room, and a bathtub perfect for on-the-go people. They do not have time to waste waiting for someone to leave the bathroom, so they are better off multitasking.

Minimalist Bathroom


Minimal bathroom designs for minimal people. Little to no cabinets with just the essentials to keep the space clutter free and clean. A monochrome theme to the bathroom can be good for small spaces to open up the space. Minimalism can help maintain a simple yet elegant feel.



For all the green-thumbs out there, plants in your bathroom are for you! There isn’t anything better than getting a whiff of clean and fresh air, especially in the bathroom. Plants in the bathroom can also work well for people who forget to water their plants. A quick hot shower will do the job, plants that love warmth and humidity like bamboo, gardenia, and orchids can give a beautiful splash of colour and a nice refreshing scent.

Brick Bathroom


There’s something about exposed brick walls that will make you feel like you’re straight out of a tiny Newyork city apartment. These bathrooms give out rustic vibes and a texture that is so uniformly imperfect in the best way possible. They can open up any small space and are usually accompanied by high loft ceilings.

Farmhouse Bathroom


The farmhouse bathroom is perfect for all the lumberjacks out there. The wooden walls, textures, and colors maintain the theme of the farmhouse. I can already hear heavy steps and the squeaking of the bathroom door and floorboard.



Nothing good ever happens in attics, except for well designed bathrooms with big windows. These bathrooms are perfect fillers for spaces that would’ve been otherwise used as storage and collected clutter. Spending a decent budget to renovate your attic into a guest bedroom/bathroom will make every room in the house worth visiting.

Marble Bathroom


Is there anything more luxurious than a full marble bathroom made with real marble? A wide open space with white clean marble and gold faucets and accessories will definitely get you up and energized in the morning.

Japanese Theme


Everyone loves a little culture, but there’s something about Japanese architecture and interior that is so beautiful and calming. Having a Japanese themed bathroom with bamboo and cherry blossom elements can definitely portray the feel you are going for. The signature japanese lamps can also add to that.

Garden Bathroom


This is another one for all my greenthumbs. If you like to connect with nature and can handle a few bugs every now and then, then this is the bathroom for you! Perfect for the summertime and/or in countries with a relatively hot climate, having an outdoor bathroom can really calm you down as well as help you get your daily dose of the outdoors. A nice cold shower under the hot sun can feel so refreshing after a long day at work.

Tiny Bathroom


Tiny bathrooms for all the tiny apartments that have almost forgotten about including a bathroom. You can easily turn a closet into a bathroom, all you need is a proper piping system! The shower is usually at the end opposite to the door to optimize the space and use the three walls to create a closed shower. The sink and toilet preferably next to each other to create some sort of pathway to the shower. It’s cozy and great for people who do not spend a lot of time there.

Concrete Bathroom


Bathrooms with unfinished concrete walls can feel very industrial and can really feel beautiful if accompanied with the right accessories. Modern and well built bathroom elements such as a nice ceramic bathtub, toilet, and sink can really pull the room together.



This bathroom is only for the nostalgic. This is perfect for the vintage lovers who like the iconic paster bathroom colors with half tiled walls. A blast to the past whenever you feel like it!

Full Black

Bathroom Design Ideas

A full black bathroom with matt accessories for soap hoarders and faucets is definitely the bathroom for all the goth lovers. It also keeps that luxurious and mysterious feel only for the ones who can handle it.



A boho bathroom perfect for the hippies and peacemakers. A funky shower curtain and crochet mandalas will add just the right touch.

Beach Theme


Beach themed bathrooms for the ones who wished they lived on the beach (or the ones who do). A seamless and coherent color palette with textured tiles and seashell accessories will do the job.

Cottage core


A whimsical bathroom that is full of life and colors. Good for small spaces since they can easily get filled up with different elements, tapestries, plants, and wooden accents.

Metallic bathroom


A bathroom full of metallic elements such as a brass tub and shiny accessories. These pair perfectly with a more industrial theme.

Tree-house Bathroom


This is for every adult who never got to build a tree-house as a kid. A well built shack with clean plank and wooden walls with functional piping will not only be a whole experience, but also a convenient washroom for a large backyard where BBQs and bonfires are constantly hosted.

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