11 Teams Who Never Won The Stanley Cup In The NHL History

nhl teams that never won a cup

The Stanley Cup was first started in 1892 as the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup. It is the oldest sports cup being awarded in the history of professional North American sports. The award is given to the National Hockey League’s winning team every year. Currently, there are thirty-one teams that participate in the National Hockey League. Among them, twenty have won the Stanley Cup at some point in the NHL’s history. However, the teams that could not lift the trophy are making headlines in the latest hockey news

Here are eleven NHL teams that could not win the Stanley Cup in the History of the NHL.

1. Arizona Coyotes

One of the oldest franchises in the National Hockey League that has never appeared in the Stanley Cup’s final playoff is the Arizona Coyotes. They first entered the NHL in 1979 as the Winnipeg Jets. One thing this franchise has been consistent with is not making past the second payoffs. 

2. Ottawa Senators

The original Ottawa Senators in the NHL won eleven Stanley Cups. They were one of the most popular franchises known as Ottawa Silver Sevens. However, the current Ottawa Senators are not linked to the old franchise and are a different franchise altogether. Hence, the current team is yet to win the Stanley Cup since its inception in 1992.

3. Buffalo Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres have managed to play the final playoff twice, once in 1975 against Philadelphia Flyers and next in 1999 against Dallas Stars. They have reached the playoffs in the 21 seasons of the NHL only six times. Buffalo Sabres also have the title of NHL’s longest playoff drought due to their last game in 2010-11, that is, nine seasons.

4. Columbus Blue Jackets

The Columbus Blue Jackets joined the NHL as an expansion team in 2000. Hence, it is one of the youngest franchises in the National Hockey League. However, the team has managed to reach the playoffs regularly in the last four seasons. This new team is yet to lift their first Stanley cup and has a long way to go. 

5. Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers have reached the playoffs only six times since 1996, after a single appearance in the Stanley Cup finals. They entered the National Hockey League in 1993 and have failed to lift the trophy till now. After their loss against the Colorado Avalanche, the franchise has not been able to pave the way in the postseason playoffs.

6. Minnesota Wild

The Minnesota Wild made their entry in the league in 2000 and have made postseason appearances ten times in their history of nineteen seasons so far. However, these appearances have not resulted in any win yet. Their best playoff record was last seen in 2003 in conference finals. After that, Minnesota Wilds has only made it past the first round only twice.

7. Nashville Predators

The Nashville Predators have participated for 15 seasons and have reached the postseason playoffs thirteen times. Their recent Stanley Cup appearance was in 2017 against the Pittsburgh Penguins. In 2018, the predators even won the Presidents’ Trophy for the first time. However, they failed to convert it into the Stanley Cup.

8. San Jose Sharks

In recent years, the San Jose Sharks have been one of the best teams in the NHL. Since 2003, they have nine 100 point seasons registered to their name. Unfortunately, their remarkable performance in the league has not been fruitful to get them the Stanley Cup. Till now, they have appeared only once in the NHL finals, where they played against Pittsburgh.

9. Vancouver Canucks

It is one of the oldest franchises in the National Hockey League. They made their debut along with the Sabres in 1970. Since then, the Canucks have managed to play the Stanley Cup final thrice, in 1982,1994, and 2011. Moreover, they have made postseason appearances quite often. However, they have not converted that into the Stanley Cup.

10. Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights have won thirteen games and set a record for most playoff wins in the first postseason of a team. This happened in 2017-18, where they reached the Stanley Cup finals and lost to the Washington Capitals. In the two following seasons, the Knights managed to reach the playoffs and even the 2019-20 conference finals.

11. Winnipeg Jets

Formerly known as the Atlanta Thrashers, this franchise has only reached the playoffs once in their history of eleven seasons. After changing to Winnipeg Jets, they have had four postseason appearances in the following nine years. The best of the Winnipeg Jets was in 2017-18, where they reached conference finals against Vegas.

The Stanley Cup is not only revered by sports enthusiasts all around the world. Many are hooked to hockey betting sites and make good wins as per the latest hockey news. Now, you must be aware of the eleven teams that could never lift the Stanley cup and make a well-thought bet.

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