10 Digital Publishing Tips And Strategies For Content Creators

Digital Publishing

Digital publishing is a vast space. With new startups and many individual bloggers across various niche, the content world is flourishing. While it can get overwhelming, the diversity of content available promotes healthy competition and most authentic narratives that can be depended upon.

Here are some pointers to guide you through this maze which will provide you some clarity.

1. Keyword research

Content can be painted around certain keywords. Having a well-researched content is of no use if you’re unsure of the right keywords to be used. Keywords help the search engine show your write up to the right reader. Having strong keyword research will help that content pay off. 

2. Know competition 

Having a clear idea of other competitors in the market helps you locate yourself in the market. Immediate and distant competitors can help you plan your growth chart. Many companies start competitor analysis when they develop a digital marketing strategy and never get back to it later. This is an oversight because in many cases a timely update on your rivals’ online moves could help you adjust your campaign mid-way and help it to perform better in the end.

Learning from the trends, experiments, failures in the market is not only helpful but also provides clarity in decision making. 

3. Word length 

With most of the readers on their mobile phones, a 1000 word write up might not be your best shot. Shorter reading times attract attention. Having a solid 300 word write up that is informative and precise is more likely to be circulated. 

4. Benefit driven headlines

A witty headline will always have the upper hand. Do your headlines hold attention or serve a purpose? Having a headline that simply teases the readers isn’t enough anymore. Headlines aren’t simply an accessory to your story, they hold the flag up. Prefer a headline that can run solo and promote your story. 

5. Useful and in-depth content

While we urge you to have shorter write-ups to promote better readability, comprehensive write-ups do have their space. Having a well researched in-depth data on a subject can help those readers who are seeking such information. 

Listicles or paraphrasing would help reduce the visual impact of loner write-ups. However, the impact of a well-written piece of writing is undeniable. 

6. Consistent or nothing 

Having your write-ups posted consistently is appreciated by google and readers alike. Not only does the search engine prefer consistent content creators but it also helps you expand your audience. 

Having good write-ups published without a sorted out plan result in the cloud gutter. Save your research and have it published as a follow-up article to ensure that while you’re best at your game, you’re in the constant loop of all potential and loyal readers. 

7. No distractions 

Having too many visual elements to support your write up can end up creating displeasure to the readers. Use gifs, videos, and images in a way that compliments your write up and if possible add value to it. 

8. Speed up your site 

No user is patient. If your site takes more than a second, the chances of your site gaining traffic are low. Mobile readers are used to speeding and quick search results. Ensuring that you have the right team and the right technology to ensure that you’re ahead of the game. 

9. Share more than once `

Don’t shy away from re-publishing. If you have articles lined up, have them scheduled timely while leaving the re-publishing for peak times. If you’ve noticed that you have more readers during the morning hours, have some of your write-ups re-published to ensure that your notifications are put out there on time. This also helps gain more traffic to write-ups that may have got sidelined. 

10. Find email subscribers 

While targeting an audience is easier than ever, having email subscriptions allows you to bother your subscribers while not bombarding them. Having an email list of your subscribers makes distribution and promotion smooth as butter. 

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